[CODE] Here Comes The General

Day 4,617, 14:55 Published in USA USA by Yui MHCP001

(Here comes the general)
Ladies and Gentlemen
(Here comes the general)
The moment you’ve been waiting for
(Here comes the general)
The new SG of CODE
(Here comes the general)
Yui MHCP001

It was only yesterday when I got the letter.

Tyler Bubblar and DMJ wrote to me;
“Yui-MHCP’1, CODE is waiting in the meeting for you. If you lead us right now, together we can turn the tide. Yui-MHCP’1, CODE is ready to elect you to lead. If you manage to get this right, Asteria will fall to their knees. The eWorld will never be the same, Yui.”

I wrote back, “You two have been watching way too much Hamilton. But alas, I am not throwing away my shot.”

So as of approximately 12:30 eRep Time on Day 4617 the members of CODE have graciously elected me to be their SG.

For those who don’t know me, I’ve experienced almost every facet of eRepublik. My qualifications include, but are not limited to:

Former SG of Pacifica
2x eUSA CP
eUSA MoFA countless times
The reason why people complain about eUSA having too many resources
The person who dragged eRepublik to Discord kicking and screaming
Pain in the rear for Alexis Bonte sometimes.

I look forward to dutifully serving CODE as their new SG, and fostering a further great alliance.

Hail CODE!
Hail friends!