[USWPride] Krapis Is Running for PP

Day 4,616, 18:32 Published in USA USA by Krapis

Greetings, fellow members of USWP, fellow citizens of eUSA, and fellow travellers in the New World!

I am Kernal Krapis, and I am running for President of the United States Workers Party.

I’ve been around just long enough to understand how things work.

There’s the PP election, followed by the all-important Congressional Caucus, followed by the CP endorsement.

I can handle that.

Actually, my next article will detail how I will go about handling that. There’s room enough for creativity, so maybe we can have some fun there. Game mechanics are mechanical, but we don’t have to be!

What I want you to consider today is the value of playing eRepublik as a member of a Political Party.

Plato does not give us much to work with. Aside from the above-mentioned game mechanics, Political Parties are a pretty boring feature of this game. There aren’t enough subtleties to justify 5 (or more!) different stances on eRepublik issues.

But partisanship is something that is deeply embedded in the human psyche, so we shouldn’t really need Plato’s help here. It isn’t the most attractive quality humans possess, but let’s face it, we love to associate with “our kind”. We are partisan by nature.

Therefore my party platform will be USWPride.

I am resisting the urge to co-opt the “rainbow” imagery. It’s too obvious. It’s also in poor taste. You will not be reading an article by Kernal Krapis, for instance, about how “All USWP lives matter”. People who resort to that kind of stupidity are reprehensible.

Instead, I have designed the following image to convey USWPride.

What is USWPride?

Game mechanics

If this sounds familiar, good. There is nothing new under the eSun. I am not smart enough to invent an entirely new approach to a game that has been on cruise control for a decade.

But I am new enough to have energy enough to try hard enough to have pride enough to give this thing a push.

So get ready, USWP.

Get ready to strut your stuff.

We are USWP.

And we have USWPride.

Vote for Kernal Krapis on the 15th.

And for pete’s sake subscribe to my newspaper! Sheesh!