Last Night I Witnessed Cheating

Day 4,616, 07:19 Published in Ireland Ireland by Aras an Uachtarain

**ARTICLE #3**

Deleted first for flaming and then for racism...?

1. Firstly some bots, all of which are are absolutely loaded with similarities such as level, air rank rank etc:

Secondly, the deduction of points from an opponent

Unfortunately I didn't expect our points to be deducted in the second round so I didn't take a screenshot of a before and after but the below evidence clearly paints the picture and shows how Ireland should have won double points in the air.

As you can see, our R2 battle with Romania in Dublin was epic, it was the final sector live and we won it so therefore should have received double points.

We did and these were then removed right before our eyes.

As you can further see, the next epic air battle was nowhere near us in terms of competition for damage...

This is something that is being denied by somebody who has "powers"....

"Hello Nerusia,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Please note that we have checked the respective battle and the round did not finish in epic state. Therefore it lost its epic status as another battle became the most contested."

However as shown above and below, we were the most contested and did finish in epic state.

Sceptical after it happened in R2, I knew to capture screenshots should it happen in Round3.


So some background info:

We went epic for end battle, got the points but yet again as seen above, somebody with "power" removed them.

Now before I get told it was a 10 minute gap between when we went epic and the next, look at the numbers.

Next air epic wasn't for another 68 minutes after it swapped from the Russia/USA campaign.

Russia/USA epic ended after 90 minutes.

90-68 = 22 minutes when they became epic.

Nowhere near Irish epic damage.

It wasn't until the 48th minute roughly where the Russia/USA campaign was in the region of the Irish battles damage.

If this level of cheating takes place against a small country like Ireland, one can only imagine what sort of other cheating goes on.

I constantly give them the benefit of the doubt but this is now beyond a joke.
Bots are on all sides and should be removed but to actively remove points from a country to skew the results is absolutely shameful.

And before I get told it wouldn't matter as Ireland lost the campaign, outcomes can be much more different when you don't have at least 12 points removed from your score......

How can I have faith to fight to win when such undermining behaviour takes place.