[CP] Battle Sniping

Day 4,616, 06:50 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

Greetings humans,

You can get up off your knees now. So how are we all enjoying the Hot Summer event thingy majigy? Judging by messages, chats and feeds some much less so than others it would appear.

Now behind all the charm, athleticism and sexual prowess I am quite a serious player when it comes to the military side of the game. So I apologise in advance but I'm going to address quite a serious topic and one that has been around since time immemorial.

Battle Sniping

“Booo! Hisss! Burn the witches!Rabble, rabble, rabble.”

Calm down peasants! Yes it's that torrid concept and one which has become an increasingly hot topic as this Hot Summer event rolls on. For those fortunate enough to be unaware of what this concept is it is basically when someone unnecessarily out-hits another player in order simply to take the Battle/Sky Hero medal.

The word 'unnecessarily' is key here as it's important to remember that the Wall is King. If we want or need to win a round the most important thing to a government is keeping that wall in our favour, not who comes out on top.

One must also bear in mind that neither the government nor congress have any power whatsoever to implement rules or punishments pertaining to 'sniping'. According to the mechanics of the game whoever has laid down the most damage in that round wins the medal for their side at the end.

The best we can do is ask that players fight with some sort of chivalric moral code of conduct. A gentleman's handshake before doing battle if you will.

One of the ideas mooted was to put in place a benchmark of damage for players to adhere to. In it's simplest form this isn't a bad idea however to strictly adhere to it is a logical fallacy.

Here are some yummy stats for you to chow down on since the beginning of the Hot Summer event. These represent the average amount of damage laid down in order to win a hero medal on the eUK side. Many, many thanks to Jiminy Christmas for his huge contribution to compiling this data.

Battle Heroes: Terrains
D1 – 230,100
D2 – 211,158
D3 – 593, 858
D4 – 6,492,447

Sky Heroes

Battle Heroes: Standard
D1 – 1,213,096
D2 – 3,080, 521
D3 – 33,265,767
D4 – 102,186,891

Well there you go Chaz, surely there are some benchmarks!”. Aye, but they're only averages and the disparity between medal winning totals is huge:

By the government setting benchmarks this is then open to abuse. For all the BH/SH medals won that were below the 'benchmark' then anyone who sniped could simply say “It was below the benchmark, unlucky.” and by default we'd almost be giving it the thumbs up.

There are disparities based on the time of day and how many battles – and the importance of said battles – are ongoing. We can't start putting down benchmarks based on such variables.

All we can do is to ask that we respect one another. We're a small, tin-pot nation with a lunatic in charge and though debate is healthy, toxicity is not. Rather than adhering to benchmarks simply survey the battlefield in front of you; if there's no justification in 'taking' a medal, especially where someone new or those with very few medals looks set to win one, then maybe don't.

You can always ask. Throughout the day there is normally a contingent of players on the eUK telegram who would be more than willing to give advice...on pretty much anything too btw, can't shut them up sometimes. Or alternatively you can always send a message to the concerned party saying “I'm taking your medal, try and stop me bitch”

No Respect
All the above does not apply to foreigners. These are eUK-Serb-Bulgarian Training Wars for us to harvest as much gold as possible. If a foreigner is taking the Hero Medal on the eUK side then go in hard and without lube.

Plenty of Other Opportunities
Lest we forget too that the Hero medals aren't the only ones available to players during Training Wars especially if you find your damage falling wide of the mark.

- Resistance Hero
Simply put you need to move to the region where the Resistance War will take place and support it. It costs 1000CC to support and not only do you get a medal but 5G too, so that's a tidy profit for clicking a button

The government will give a heads up on times and regions. If you need cash to help start a RW then drop me a message.

- Freedom Fighter
This is the primary reason I am not a fan of benching any of our resistance wars. Every time you fight in a successful RW you're working towards a FF medal. The number of kills and RWs you must fight in differs as you progress through the medals but you can check your progress by hovering you mouse over the medal on your profile page.

- True Patriot Medal
This mainly applies to standard terrains but by laying down damage for your citizenship country you work towards a True Patriot Medal. The amount of damage required for each one increases over time until you reach you 16th medal, thereafter it's 100 million damage per medal!

So remember folks. Sniping can be a bitch but it does exist and there's very little we can do about it, however if you do feel you've been missing out remember there are opportunities elsewhere to grab so medals!

I will do a more jolly article/update soon.