[CODE] Time to survive

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New Event
Situation in the World
Interview with Furiosa

New Event

Hello eWorld,

As everyone knows, Plato decided to put on a new event during two months. It’s easy to understand he tries to find something to keep this game during this summer. It’s not really a new event because he already did it in the past. But it’s a new opportunity for Code to try to do something. Even with the current boycott from many countries/players about the game tokens. But it’s not the time to give-up and we’ve to be united and show we’re strong together ! It’s time to work as an alliance again !

Hail CODE !

Code situation in the World

Albania is still wiped by Serbia and North Macedonia. They didn’t try to get free.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is now free and they have a defensive war with Croatia. They will be attack in few days by Asteria.

Croatia was free too but they are under attack by Romania. They helped Slovenia to get free too and they had a war with Iran. They have a defensive war with Bosnia and Hungary.

Cyprus liberated one of their two regions and put a NE against Israel.It’s training war.

France flew on Argentina thanks to our friends from Andes and managed to liberate a few regions on their cores. They have an active NE against Bulgaria. Unfortunately, they lost their region in South America yesterday.

Greece liberated 4 regions and now are giving their support to Code members. They don't have any active wars against their occupants (Portugal and North Macedonia).

Hungary got free too and released Slovakia from the enemies. They have a defensive war with Croatia. They succeeded to go to South America too thanks to our friends from Andes.

Montenegro succeeded to liberate two regions. There is still one region under serbian occupation.

Thailand liberated 3 regions in the North. There is still one region under serbian occupation and another under indonesian occupation. Thailand put a NE law against Serbia some hours ago.

Turkey succeeded in liberating regions and doing their best to kick Asteria from their home. Unfortunately, Asteria was better and they didn’t get back their cores regions. They succeeded to go to South America too thanks to our friends from Andes before to be wipe again.

The USA still have their TWs with Asteria.

Interview with Furiosa (former SG)

1- What do you think about this event ?

It definitely shaked and spiced the things for us, at least the first days of it. We used the situation and freed regions even while boycotting, while Asteria was still trying to solve how to move their bots around 😃
I think we will all get bored of it quickly, it takes a lot of time and attention and it can be very tiring. Also farmers would probably learn how to live without sleeping xD
Anyway it's a good chance. Admins saw their pile of money lowering down so decided to include the weaker accounts and try to make them addicted to erep.

2- Do you think Code is able to wake up ?

Yes, CODE is able to wake up. But CODE is waiting admins to show transparent token’s market. It's a matter of principle now.

3- Code had a lot of difficulties to be organized due to this boycott, what do you think about the current situation of the Code ?

We still have difficulties organizing while more than half of our members are boycotting. This event showed us we have enough active players to oppose the enemies when they are not using their bots. Now imagine if admins were actually fair as they are trying to show themselves and CODE players pack their accounts. Could have been huuuuge firework and glory days for erep. Anyway we are using the boycott time to reorganize our structure inside the alliance and see and decide what’s best for our family.

4- After the end of this event, do you think Code will be able to exist with the boycott ?

Admins know they cannot afford CODE falling apart or Asteria getting stronger, so i am sure they will try to find another way to keep us focused. They should seriously reconsider the whole token’s market show, be transparent toward the players and not wait any longer. More and more people are quitting the game every day and we are losing precious players who invested themselves a lot to our communities.

Our motto: We believe we are more than an alliance, we are A Family.

Hail CODE!
Hail Friends!