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Afternoon gents o/,

As the eUK embraces our newfound love of 'community' I thought a mini-event now and then could be fun. Basically, will be randomly prodding some of you for your life story and ask for 3 bits of information.

One of these is a lie.

It's our job to guess which one it is...

Kicking off is our own celebrated MoEd, AMD! Good luck lads!

Asked for a funny picture, AMD was brave enough to use his own!

I’m AMD. The AMD. stands for my full name but much less discoverable on google now I’ve actually started doing things in real life.

In game I’ve been CP five times, on four of those occasions either made us join or leave an alliance. The first time I got elected then went on a two week holiday to Cyprus leaving my Vice President to run the nation. I’m also the reason for all of our fish regions.
In real life I’m a 22 History Masters Student currently studying in Wales. Looking at studying a PhD in historical fake news if I can acquire funding for it. I enjoy video games and reading newspapers because I’m boring. I work as a cafe customer assistant in a popular UK supermarket, (not just any supermarket) and most people refer to me as a Marxist, despite the fact I voted for Keir Starmer.

Here are my three bits of information:

A. I have never broken a single bone in my life.

B. I was shortlisted to be a Labour Party candidate in a Welsh constituency at the 2019 elections.

C. Only myself and one auntie have gone to university in my family. I was the only one to finish their qualification.

So gents, which is the lie?

£10k will be split between those who get it right...