(part 1) My experience in both eRepublik politics vs real life politics.

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Before you read this, I would like to point out i will be writing a series of articles of my short tenure in real politics and how eRepublik taught me some good about politics, like how to become a better speaker, listener and how all things political REALLY WORKS. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I had writing them. I have so much to talk about for those who are interested how real life and fake life correlate... enjoy.

OK, so you log into eRep for the first time (or last) and you think to yourself... What the french toast am I doing?

That's the same question i asked myself too...when i joined real life politics.

You see, I logged into this damn game again sometime in 2018 for a brief comeback; published a few weird spunky articles, raised some hell with Pfiffer. did this, did that etc etc. left the game...again but for personal reasons, i'll tell ya why down the road. Let's go way back a few years.....

March 2016

In the real state I live in. We had what's called a Caucus. A caucus is a meeting of supporters or members of a specific political party or movement. Basically we all gather and cast our ballot on who we support for president in a random building down the road. I will sum it up as I don't want to lose your interest as this is super important to me.

So, my happy white four eyed face waltz right in and casted my vote and asked my fellow citizens to 'vote' for me for the next round, the county level caucus.

local caucus -> County level caucus -> State level -> National caucus.

catch my drift? I made it only to county level 🙁.

During my brief two year tenure in real life politics. I also got involved with my local neighborhood association, got involved with a homeless neighborhood association as well. I did this allllllll at once. Holy mother trucker was it a lot of hours I had to dumb in.

and lastly, I joined my local political party too. The Democratic Party. I did a handful of things like I helped a local candidate run a position (which she lost but won in 2018 or 2019 for a different position).

I joined my local legislative district and began to volunteer for actually cool events and activities. I joined up with a bunch of progressives (they're the cool people that make politics fun. Grass roots and have a soul). I still keep in touch with a few dozen with them to this day.

I also ran for my first ever political position; PCO or Precinct community officer. Basically the PCO is a direct link between a political party and the voters in a local election district. I lost a lot. But the person that won never really showed up or did anything. At the very least, they never communicated with the big person in charge of all the PCOs and since you really can't do anything about it, I somehow knew the right people and build a network of people and retained some sort of capacity of voter rights when it came to my local or county level meetings for voting on “meeting minutes” or “other crap”.

Mind you, I was just being goofy self and ‘hoped for the best’ .

Anyways, I ended up briefly being in charge of the technology committee and that fell apart quicker than a cow on crutches. I had stuff that popped up, work was getting in the way.

I helped write the bylaws for a homeless neighborhood association and I felt so damn proud of myself. It felt great helping others.

ok, so... after losing in the county level caucus, which my heart broke but in the end i was ok with as it would have cost a few grand to book a hotel and flight to NY,NY for the national convention. IT was too much work kissing butt and taking names to reach that kind of level. I didn't have a lot of friends, is the truth. I did however found something that was "free"

During this time, I was living the bachelor life and found a way to get "free food". I was making paycheck to paycheck at the time and had just barely enough money for fun, like gas for road trips.

Any-who, I would attend these political candidates rallies and they would have food for people who attended. SO, I caught how the system worked and paid attention to all the local candidates and when their meetings and town halls were because 99% of the time they had food.

I would walz right in, shake hands of people I don't know. throw a fake smile to some of these smug rich folks, grab a plate, eat food. listen to their sales pitch for a bit and walk out like I had something that came up

boom, magic.

I lost count how many times I got free food. My dudes, I saved a lot of money during that tenure.

On the next episode of “What is Josh mumbling about?”

NExt time you hear from me, I will walk through my personal experience and how it made me felt as a person in real politics and my long journey of eRep politics and how started playing eRep in 2010 and began my path in the the old republican party that fell apart, started a very popular radio show (John Malcom and I still talk to each other outside in life from time to time)how I rose into an amazing member of USWP but got pushed out by pfiffer and his pals, my rebirth of politics into the SFP and a lot more. For those who are new and don’t know me...boy, you are gunna learn who I was and am.

For the real side of politics, I will explain my personal interaction with some top big wigs in politics to the small individuals i great into amazing friendship and why eREP was and still is a great educational tool on how politics really work.


Josh Whitehead.