Pulp Fiction - Murderer in Their Bed

Day 4,614, 14:29 Published in USA USA by Acidify

"I need a rope." -- suspicious guy

"Why?" -- random black guy.

"To tie a knot around the sign." - suspicious guy

"You know I killed a lady in dat house over there." - suspicious guy

"Oh, you talking about Mrs.Florence house?" -- random black guy

"Yeah, I left a dead lady in that house once, some sucker doing the time."

"Uh Huh, I can smell the hoe already" stated Florence.

"I can smell her." repeated Florence

"I keep seeing all these women going in and out of my home, and neighbors calling and people gossiping.." -- stated Florence.

"She is in my bed...she is in my bed, a dead woman is in my bed," yelled Florence.

"Never thought I would have seen a woman dying in the same bed I have to sleep in."

"That's that hooker that work on Broadway Street." -- stated Ricky

The dead woman name was Mercedes, and she sold her booty part-time, but naturally the question became, who killed Mercedes. She was dead, in Florence bed, and Florence's husband was no where to be found.

When the investigators began to question Florence's husband Resse, he broke down in tears.

"I don't know her" he said.

"I didn't even touch her, and she was already dead." he said.

"I think you know what happened to her." said the detective."

"You murdered her." yelled the detective.

"You were just drinking, and drinking, and when she drunk so much alcohol you killed her." yelled the detectives

"Mr.Reese is currently under arrest and is the prime suspect in the murder of Mercedes."