[CP] End of Term

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Afternoon gents o/,

Hangover permitting, it has been an absolute pleasure. June was a bit of a bumpy month but I remain defiantly optimistic that, if we can keep the current momentum growing, we will finally grow as a community again.

This is an aspect of the game that has always been near paramount to me as without a decent community the game becomes completely meaningless. Medals mean nothing without friends

This event has provided a bumpy but interesting opportunity to assert that. We are notoriously disorganised, prone to fighting each other, and foreigners delight in taking advantage of that in our training wars.

To confront this, we need the united front we’re capable of. Rich histories of past wrongs, cheap sniping from fellow eUKers is akin to painting a target on our own backs.

We have proven we had the operational capacity, as a last resort, in being thoroughly annoying ***** to those that make the mistake in collectively pissing us all off. This commands respect, and both sides of the game are aware of it.

But we need to build on that. Relentlessly.

We will never catch up to the big boys but we can find a position of strength that every one here is comfortable with. We need to work together. We need to coordinate our damage and defend our own BHs/SHs. And we need to look at each other as friends and comrades, if not generous then civil towards each other.

I was reminded of a very important lesson on this years ago by perhaps our greatest player, Emergy Maxfell.

We will be a loose warring band of tribes if we forget the common purpose that keeps most of us logging in.

It is fun to fight amongst ourselves. It can be highly entertaining. But we have a rich history of letting it escalate into a real conflict that tears down any feeble institutions we may have built up since the last incident.

We have a chance here gents. We got through a lot of dodgy **** last month and now have a new chapter under the extremely capable CptChaz to enjoy. Again, I write in surprise in being optimistic for once…
As corny as it sounds, we are all in this together. If even a single one of you has decided to stick about a bit longer because of the growing feeling of this then it has made every effort worth it.

Despite a lot of us being rough around the edges, you are all good solid characters. I am very, very proud at how welcoming a lot of us have been towards our newer players this month and a lot of them have decided to stay. 'Give them the tools and they will do the job'. And they have.

This is our community, we all own it, we all instinctively want to take care of it. Common purpose can make the eUK a walking paradox in all the right ways and I am eager and encouraged to see what we can all offer in July.

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Signing out o7