[MoED] june's summary, and news.

Day 4,612, 18:48 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Swiss Dep. of Education

Dear people of e-switzerland and friends, hello.

We notice the summer moving on, as the CP term of june has ended, and july has been running into its first week or so...

And as such, we must do a quick summary about the situation of the state.

First of all, our situation on the state affairs have been stable.

Also, our economy remained strong, we have respected our allies TW agreements, and our taxes in work, weapons and imports have remained low and stable, which is always a good thing.

Our prime minister rican, has kept things in order.
(as he always does, for rican is a great person and a heroic veteran of our community, always helping us in every step of the way)

Our minister of defence (MoD), mr winston macina smith has done an excellent work once again in his ministry, keeping us frequently updates on the resistance war locations, and with his tips for RH medals on a daily basis, all the while he attempted to revive the old ''help for weaker players'' initiative, and he also tried to start the ''new air fighters'' project, so that we can improve our standing in the global air force ranks.

In the field of diplomacy, our minister of foreign affairs, (MoFa), mr lviz fer has done a splendid job at maintaining our good relations with our allies, signing the necessary MPP's with them, and starting new TW's with our TW partners, which are both respected by us and our allies, but also maintained in order to keep a good activity for our war training...

Our current TW's for june's CP term were with:
bulgaria, peru, and romania.

(it will later change into TW agreements with
peru, romania and venezuela.)

Our minister of economy (MoE)/governor, mr tim buctu has kept our economy stable, organized and monitored, as he informed us frequently about the stable condition of our national economy, and he also discussed various plans and thoughts in the swiss congress.
mr tim buctu is another fine person who has always helped our good community.

and lastly, our great CP, mr thrakiwths55, who has been an amazing MoD in many previous terms, and an active and helpful player in his community, he has proven to be (once again), a great CP for his country.
keep up the good work!

and with those words and reports of this month's tenure, i, the minister of education (MoED), i complete my article and i wish you to be well.

here's to a great new month, with an equally great new CP!

Be well, stay safe, and remember:
swiss here, swiss there, swiss everywhere.

-chris jonadicus, minister of education (MoED)