A message of Unity

Day 4,612, 07:51 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Cardinal Ignatius Hohenstaufen

Dear friends, Swiss citizens:

We would be tempted to say that the presidential election was simply a predictable result. It is not. And we must value and care that precious result because it speaks to us, challenges us, speaks to us of the essence of our Nation, and that all the political maturity that our leaders have built is not in vain. Is there. Defining us, and serving us as a compass of rationality and commitment.

Yesterday the presidential elections in Switzerland made it clear that Switzerland does not suffer a political division, on the contrary, it shows a mature sense of Unity, preserving our Nation precisely from the attempts to implant Chaos and division.

The accompaniment of all the political parties behind Iviz's leadership is a powerful message. The respect for our Constitution that underlies our spirit is powerful evidence.

There are nuclei of non-negotiable principles, and it is those stony contents that define us as a Nation. What makes us proud to say "We are e-Swiss". And that is not the merit of a particular political party, but of all! A sample of the indestructible UNITY that defines us as a politically mature Nation, that knows how to give answers to the political swings beyond the flags and political differences that each one of us naturally has.

We want to congratulate Iviz, wish him the best of success in his Government, and tell him that he counts on us in the search and realization of the common good for our beloved Switzerland.

Congratulations Iviz!

Congratulations Switzerland!

Royal and loyal,