A Sincere Apology: The Blacklist

Day 4,611, 19:50 Published in USA USA by Dominar Rygel XVI

There is currently a discussion regarding taking me off the forum blacklist. I want to express again my most sincere regrets and apologies for everything that transpired. Yes, I took it upon myself to interview applicants because I felt the system was not being fair for people trying to get in to our country. I went around the system, and Baby Groot had the courage to tell the forum powers of my terrible crime, which led to my current blacklisting.

I am extremely sorry for breaking the law, and as evidence to show how much I regret this course of action, I voluntarily kept myself out of Congress, and resigned from my position as Party President. I also instructed all our Congressmen to obey IES regulations. There is nothing else I can say other than I am sorry, my actions have shown that my intent was well meaning, but simply wrong to circumnavigate the system established by the completely official eUS forums, which of course are the law in the eUSA. I ask the Congress to unblacklist me. Thank you.