Drawbacks of a residence. Nomad citizen ftw!

Day 4,611, 18:24 Published in India India by wittyprakash

Being a citizen without residence (Nomad) is tough.

First, you get to see this ugly notification all the time

Second, you don't get the +2 energy recovery booster and +50 energy center bonus

So may be you'll think witty is a noob as always does crazy stuff. And may be you'll argue with me saying "Energy recovery is everything in this game as u need energy to fight and work and train Bla Bla Bla.."

For you ppl, I'm telling you, Here is what you gain with a residence in my opinion: Nothing. That's the fact and it might crush your heart.

Now some may ask "Hey noob witty, what do you gain without having a residence".

Here's me answering

I gain everything

1) If u have a residence, you must travel back to your residence for your energy recovery bonus to work. I don't spend a pennny to travel back to my residence. I like to have a drink after the victory and explore the location after a good fight.

2) I can activate and deactivate houses. This in my opinion is a huge bonus. I spend very less money on my Q2, Q3, Q4 and Q5 houses.

3) I don't have to pay property taxes. No money to my inactive politicians who do nothing.

4) You with your residence can never become a nomad. But I can become a resident anytime I want.

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