The Dom Blacklist Question

Day 4,611, 06:49 Published in USA Chile by Wilker Nath
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Sorry for being basically dead the past week and a half. Been getting used to a new job. I've still been lurking here and there. And one of the things I saw in my lurking was this:
for context: (please don't weigh in if you don't understand what led to this, do some reading please)

Now this is one with a lot of angles to approach from, and I think the best place to start is the character references for Dom that congressman have been posting there.

Let me add my own.

During the month of April, Dom was the ONLY one messaging new players. He is great for in-game party activity, which trickles up to country activity. His motivations, as I've seen them, seem to be all for the good of WTP (and I should mention the mentality of the majority in WTP seems to have the goal of creating a 50%+1 voting bloc in congress, and culling in-party dissent as it interferes with the first goal). Overall, Dom has done a lot of good things, and I've even worked with him on projects here and there despite our disagreements on IES.

I hope Dom keeps trying to promote activity, even though it does feed into that voting bloc mentality I mentioned. National activity is what we need at this point in the game.

Now I said that above to sort of give a soft cushion to what I'm about to say here. The purpose of this particular blacklist was to punish a PP who actively instructed congressmen to approve immigrants that have been denied by IES, some of which are confirmed to have been involved in Ajay's PTO, after interviewing them himself and deeming them acceptable on no other evidence than self-reporting.

So let's be clear on what blacklisting is.

Blacklisting does not involve a forum ban. Blacklisting does not involve a ban from participating in any party. Aside from congress, blacklisting largely has little effect outside the meta, strictly speaking.

Now let's get into the actual subject that led to the blacklist. This'll be a bit of a scattered and fragmented thought process because there was a good variety of subjects talked about.

Yes, there were multis. Dozens of them were banned from WTP, many of which attempted to throw our primaries. I don't think those dozens were created by VT. VT had his one confirmed account, alien president, and I don't think he had any past that. He tried his best to troll and have some effect on our country's political state, but he largely was unsuccessful I'm happy to say. The first reason I say this is because the multis that were banned were active before alien showed up, and the second reason is I don't think alien wanted to be banned for multis himself, and he knew he would get reported for it.

But I digress. I definitely want to write a whole article about that topic, time permitting. As it relates to the blacklist, though, I have to agree with Paul, they're two different topics.

What I would like to see before supporting this idea is evidence that he has changed his mind on IES, and regret for what he has done.

(old party feed ss from weeks ago)

I do not believe that he has changed his mind on IES. I do believe that, given a similar situation, he would seriously consider doing the same thing again. Part of what led to this offence is not multis, it is the mentality in WTP that we need a 50%+1 voting bloc in congress by any means necessary, including subverting national ATO safeguards and culling dissenting voices in-party. As far as getting to a spot where this isn't something we have to worry about? Man, idk.

Many many people from (I think, I haven't double checked) all other parties except WTP have posted that they would be more willing to support commuting this blacklist, were they to see a sincere apology from Dom. I'll add WTP to that list of parties. I would be much more willing to support commuting this blacklist were I to see a sincere apology from Dom.

Even back when this whole thing was first blowing up, I privately advised him that he should make a multi-paragraph article apologizing for the whole mess and saying he'll never do it again. I maintain that had he done that at the time, his position with regards to this blacklist today would be 1000x better.

Many in the thread mentioned Rainy is a person who specifically needs an apology. I think Taco and Ryan Christ also need personal apologies.

And I did see this that Dom posted, but I don't think a 1-line blurb is gonna cut it for almost anyone in congress. I think a multi-paragraph article would be the best way for Dom to get his blacklist commuted.

As a final note, IES is not something to be played with.

If this topic were something else, like a budget item, or a war, or a resource concession, or even the use of the forums, Aggro would be 100% correct. IES, however, is a special case, because it enables us to even have a congress of our own. Without IES, our country would've entered a state of permanent PTO long ago. Any english-speaking voices in our politics and our media would've been long drowned out by the sea of thousands of enemies that Ajay wanted to let in. Without IES, we would not be an AMERICAN country.

IES must NOT be subverted. Period.

inb4 "you're a PTO!" "you betrayed the party!" because I'm thinking past how the PP tells everyone to vote in the private WTP congress group mail