Why Q7 Weps Prices have not risen

Day 4,611, 06:30 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

In truth Q7 weps prices should rise in this event. Yet they have currently lowere😛

Lets discuss what is going on. Currently, we have the terrain mode meaning lots and lots of smaller battles at a lower strength. Or not?

I am not certain about the normal division whether the strength you assign gets pulled from your main strength but probably it does.

I think what happened is a combination of factors:

1. is that a lot of players thought great we will have a lot of air battles and therefore do not need Q7 weps or food.
2. A lot of players bought up weps directly from players. Meaning on the actual market supply far surpassed demand. The lull in sales usually leads to people dropping their prices. That was a totally noob move and the players involved probably now sit with a lot of weps which they can't sell because they probably bought it at a higher price than the lowest prices on the market. The argument about tax reduction is a noob construct. Yep you safe some money on taxes but the vehicle with which you wanted to make money needs activity for you to sell at a higher price. It is a very simple vehicle. As you buy up the lower offers the number of new offers can't keep up so your prices are artificially raised. Say there is 5 offers of 1000 and 2 of 2000 if I buy the 5 offers of 1000 the next buyer has to buy the 2 offers of 2000.

This is why I think prices may still rise:

1. The event goes on for 2 months. If you check the counter the first part now indicates 57 days left. This means a lot of opportunities to actually finally reach legend of whatever air rank you want to achieve.

2. There is constant epic battles meaning you can make more prestige points meaning you can fight more meaning you need more food and need more weps if you want to rank faster. Just filter for epic battles and you can see 2 in division 2 at the moment.

3. We normal people can finally reach the 40000 prestige points complete the weekly challenge and get a prestige hunter medal. This would be far easier now.

4. The fact that a lot of offers were bought up privately indirectly means that what is now on the market might be the only offers people are capable of or willing to sell.

5. It is early days yet. As people get used to this new setup they will fight more use more weps and food and eventually there will come a day when the prices start rising. Too avoid this I think everyone should start buying more Q7 weps. Dont think current prices will be low for long so in the long run even if prices now does not rise you will have more weps at your disposal for cheaper which you can immediately list at a higher price of say 500 cc to keep it from being used.

6. Certain groupings might try to manipulate the markets. It is imperative that we combat this by buying in bulk.

7. A lot of players was aware of the upcoming event and probably kept their food and weps off the market. Me for one did predict the event correctly based on some thrown bones reading i obtained beforehand. It also predicted that a big orange man will an important election in November . i could however not see for what country.

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