Recruitment | 募集

Day 4,610, 09:16 Published in Japan Japan by xRevan


Recently, with the founding of our political party, 新選組, we have gained quite a bit of traction with new members and making ourselves more and more vocal. With this paper acting as a voice for the group, I would like to officially announce that we are recruiting new members to our party for those that wish to become active in the political atmosphere of our beloved eJapan and for those that wish for their voice to be heard. Currently, we are ranked as the #6 political party in the country and to be eligible for a seat in the National Diet, you must be at least the #5 ranked political party. We would like to make real change in eJapan and in order to do that, we need YOU!

Political Goals

1. Remove the foreign regime from eJapan's presidency
2. Restart the new player programs (food & weapons)
3. Draw up a new constitution and ratify it
4. Reclaim natural eJapanese territory and purchase rights to other territories abroad for bonuses/training wars
5. Minimize government impact on the current market & keep taxes low
6. Remain transparent throughout all government related business
7. Begin accepting new applications for eJapanese citizens and growing our community
8. Re-do the current new player message
9. Re-Open a discord for eJapan
10. Establish meaningful alliances and relationships.
11. Re-establish and governmental military force

We aim to lift up eJapan from its stagnancy and grow our nation's community so that we can remain united and fight together. It is time to stand together against the threats of stagnancy and foreign occupation. If you have any questions about us, please mail myself or our Party Spokesman, Amakusa Shiro.