[JPN] Governed by Halfwits

Day 4,610, 02:50 Published in Japan Japan by Weihaiwei

Hello Reader. As you should know by now our countries new citizens are having a hard time advancing in the game. When I joined Japan not long ago there was a New Citizen Message given to me. This is Automated and I could not reply to it.

Knowing enough about the game, I messaged the President about what was ancient 'First Step' articles from Day 2,500 or so. The game has changed dramatically since those publications. The final link given is to a discontinued google forum, where 'free food' and 'free weapons' are to be offered daily. Seeing this is like hitting a road block, but for me what was worse is that our President refused to answer my inquiry. I check the Administration panel and as of today... no new citizen message drafted for Congressional approval.

There is something critically wrong with the status quo of our governing body. I searched some articles and I found no recent news about this problem. I look at our Military Units and the majority are graveyards where new citizens die. Governments like this could be on par with the Khmer Rouge. The revolving circle-jerk of inept Serbian and Hungarian ex patriots in the Country President chair could be Pol Pot's, Jeffrey Dahmer's, Ivan the Terrible's, Adolph Hitler's, or Joseph Stalin's. Mass-murderers basically.

So in conclusion, get your head out of your ass and answer my personal message. Draft a Law.

PS: It would be nice if our tax money went back to us in the way of food instead of creating epic rounds. I mean most of you are already Legend XX, why continue anymore on the battlefield. Socialize more. Or are you all a bunch of toothless hicks? No offense intended.

PSS: I need 25 comments on my last article, too.