[UKRP] The keys to my storage full of weapons

Day 4,609, 11:27 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Kapten Johnson

Happy summer event ...

Hope everyone knows exactly what to do and you haven't been sniped too much.
If you for some reason are having issues with grasping the event, contact someone who knows something. God knows who that'd be.

Anyway, now to the winners from last weeks raffle;

1. Keithunder
2. Omnissiah
3. Madelina de Melrose

Since I'm still here and there's no better time than the present to hold another raffle, so be it.

The prizes will be;
1. 100 q7 Tanks & 100 q7 food
2. 80 q7 Tanks & 80 q7 food
3. 60 q7 Tanks & 60 q7 food

To sign up for this weeks draw, the only thing you have to do is be a UK citizen and post in the comment field on this article. I will make a new article next week announcing the winners.

Good luck,