The old dust and the wind

Day 4,609, 08:56 Published in USA USA by Josh Whitehead

Hello? I think its clear...

Its dark, scary and I don't know where I am.

After communication with my military branch, Bear Calvary. The bombs dropped everywhere. U.S.A was over taken by the Serbs. I think it was Two thousand and eighteen when I saw the last moment of daylight. I was simply at my desk writing a letter to ma and pa when a bag was put over my head.

My heart thumped out my chest when a bag was thrown over my head. I screamed and yelped for help. A sharp pain in my neck arrived and I became dizzy.

I fainted in and out in what appeared a medical lab of sorts. People talking in some foreign language. I tried yelping for help but I felt like nothing was falling out of my mouth.

I fainted again.

I soon awoke to a pitch black room, like I have soon awoken from a deep slumber.

Where am I?

I was simply placed on a metal table with ivy bags and all sorts of tubs connected to me. Im confused, i feel...windy.

I rubbed my eyes and I peeled back the so called crusties in my eyes and my nails grown in was seems...months?

I got up in the dark room and noticed letters, lab notes and the usual things you'd see in a medical lab. Was I captured? It seemed so.

I don't know where I am. Some foreign serb lingo and lab notes about me and America.

Is it 2018 still? I don't know.

If you find this letter, I am still alive and well. I found some food in this building and my old street clothes. I am really dizzy from all this...mess and will take a quick nap. I hope my old Bear Calvery is alive and still looking for me.

I hope my old political party is a live and well.

Did Ajay Bruno make America cringy again? I don't know.

God help me.

I will communicate soon.

Always, Josh Whitehead.