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Well as all good drunken Irishmen... or RL fake Irishmen do, when I stumble upon a good edumacation article, I steal it and claim it for myself, to help advance the knowledge of us, the Fighting Irish.... (CptChazbeard of the UK, has given me permission to reprint his very informative article in regards to the new event... yep I was too slack to try out do him.)

So with lockdown measures easing up across the world the eRep developers have been let loose to wreak havoc upon the military module. We should have seen this coming as the Power Spin appeared which is always an omen of an incoming apocalypse.

For the next few months the military module – the core of this game – is changing and will alter the way players, governments and alliances approach battles. This will not only shake up the military but politics and the economy too (for there is always an ulterior motive), the impact of which will remain to be seen.

In this guide I hope to explain in greater detail what exactly has changed and what it means to you as a player.

Each division will fight across three battlezones in each round comprising of one 'standard' zone and two terrain specific zones. The terrain specific zones will be selected from fourteen different options and clustered into groups of two fought in a sequence according to the 'strategy' of the attacking nation's government. (Country President, Dictator, Minister of Defence and Minister of Foreign Affairs).

Though terrains will alter from round to round the sequence will remain identical across all four divisions.

Here's a sample strategy:

The sequence of terrains can be altered during a campaign but will otherwise repeat after round seven. If a strategy is changed it will not effect a round this is already in progress.

In order to win a round in any division then a side must win 2 out of the 3 rounds. Points are not split between the zones so a hard won battle in Zone 1 will count for nothing if you lose in Zones 2 & 3.

Excluding Division IV the points awarded per round have been increased. Taking into consideration aviation too this means battles could be over after five rounds. The points per division per round are as follows:

There will be a standard zone in every round where the normal rules apply; your hits are simply based on your strength/rank and any bonuses you have will count in the usual way. The only difference being that winning the standard zone doesn't guarantee any points.

Your existing strength is converted into skill points (e.g. 70,000 strength=70,000 skill points) which you can distribute across different terrains. Skill points replace strength in calculating your influence in a battle, the maximum number of skill points you can attribute to a terrain is determined by your existing division and are capped as such:

The type of terrain has no impact on calculating your influence in a battle, just the skills you've attributed to each terrain. If you assign 20,000 points to Terrain A and 10,000 to Terrain B...then you'll have twice the influence in Terrain A compared to Terrain B.

There are infinite ways you can choose to distribute your skill points but the decision becomes a lot harder the lower your existing strength is. For example there are high ranking, high strength players using the experience inhibitor in Division 1 who could max out across 12 terrains...then on the flip side many Division 1 players couldn't max out in a single terrain.

What I'd suggest to anyone who hasn't already worked out their personal plan for glory is to await further instruction from your government and/or alliance leaders in regards to how best to distribute you skill points. This is a two month long event and I have no doubt a degree of tinkering will be required in the first week or so. It's also important to remember that you don't need to distribute all your skill points all at once; for example you can distribute 25% of your points and worry about the other 75% later on.

Resetting Points
There is also an option to reset all your skill points and redistribute them using your 5 complimentary Reset Tokens. Again bear in mind that this is a long event so don't p*ss them up the wall in the first week!

You can purchase additional Reset Tokens via the Gold & Extras page however these are apparently limited in number and, based on a similar previous event, likely to cost 50G for 10 tokens.

Legend Bonus
If you're new or weak like me you don't have to worry about this one.

The Legend Bonus (10% per level) counts for nothing in terrain zones in terms of both damage and rank points.

Sub-human scum – a.k.a. Foreigners – can't fight in non-native terrain battles...unless they've bought the Maverick Pack...cos, as is the case in real life, if you have some cash you can bypass certain rules.

True Patriot
True Patriot progress will be determined by your allocated skill points whilst fighting in terrains.

Bombs and Bazookas
Set-damage weapons retain their value in terrains. So a 1.5m Small Bomb will still give 1.5m damage.

Deploy Mode
If you're below Level 35 then you finally get to see what all the big boys get to play with. Deploy Mode.

This is to all intents and purposes an auto-fight script where you can set the amount of energy you use in a battle, click 'deploy' and then disappear for five minutes to masturbate make a cup of tea.

- Important: If you slide the bar to full you will consume all of your energy bars (this will be highlighted to you however).

- Important: Remember to 'micro manage' your energy consumption if you're near levelling up. If you don't know what this means please contact this person.

All in all the above rules would suggest that many top fighters will simply remain in the 'standard' zone perhaps freeing up BH medals for others to harvest.

Ahh God bless aviation with its lack of terrains, bonuses and general lunacy.

Akin to ground battles; aviation battles will be fought across 3 zones with the winner being whoever wins 2/3 of those zones. Unlike the ground battles however these 3 zones (or 'sectors') have no discernable difference from one another and are fought according to the existing aviation mechanics.

The biggest shake up is that aviation battles will now be fought simultaneously with ground battles as opposed to the normal 1 aviation round after every 3 ground battles. The points will be split on a round by round basis also.

Pilots are free to switch between zones via a 'Sector Switcher' or the campaign map whenever they wish. (The equivalent of the Division Switcher that comes with the Maverick Pack).

A Sky Hero medal will be awarded in every zone on both sides (6 in total compared to the usual 2) though the gold awarded has been reduced from 30 to 8 per medal.

I think that's everything?

- Aviation and ground battles will be fought simultaneously.
- Each battle is fought in 3 zones. The winner being whoever wins 2/3 zones.
- Ground battles consist of a standard zone and two terrain specific zones.
- The sequence in which terrains appear is decided by the attacking side.
- Players can set their influence level in terrains by distributing their exisiting strength points.

There you go. Bloody simple. Now go fight.

I would once again like to thank CptChazbeard for letting me reproduce his article for us Irish.... who knows this might be yet another step in the Ireland/UK friendship growing into something much better.... A United Ireland perhaps?

Please pop over to his article which can be found HERE to vote it up and endorse it. He has done a great job of writing it all up... all I did was cut and paste plus some editing.

Your humble servant,
Rusty D