What did I gained from the eUS National Cooperative iniative

Day 4,608, 23:43 Published in USA USA by john woodman

It started when I saw an article on eUS National Cooperative call out.

"That is so cool, I can contribute to the country by becoming a national producer", I thought to myself and I signed up straight away.
I have NIL experiance in WAM. I have no idea how it works. I just joined.

It turns out to be one of the best decision I have made in my elife. Why? Because there is a group of experienced business owner within the cooperative. The business advices that you can get from them is immeasurable by money, it is priceless. I have created quite a number of companies that I'm running myself after seeking their advice, and I'm doing great!

"But john, I dont have the money." Well, the end game is to produce, sell, and contribute. However, the group is willing to help newer player to kick start their business, until he/she is self sufficient. You contribute when you're able.

Interested? Contact me or fellow national producers!

List of current national producers:
John woodman
Wilhelm Rontgen
Tyler Bubblar
Toto Schillaci
Ryan Christ
Dopamine Swagmoney