WHM 1st note #Maximizing Energy Regeneration

Day 4,608, 12:15 Published in Indonesia Indonesia by oOWiruOo

1. Build 5 type of house (total +10 energy/6 minutes) need cost arround of 270.000 IDR, getting return arround 23.000 IDR/day by doing a daily work and overtime. It can be more cheap with producing house byself, wait next note.

2. Buying 6star food, arround 4 IDR/food. Make your finger more active to press energy regeneration constantly every 6 minutes. The examples are getting +13 x 10 = 130 energy for an hour by 10x pressing energy regeneration. Its gonna be different if you just press energy regeneration 1x per hour +13 x 1 = 13 energy for an hour by 1x pressing energy regeneration. More harder but worth enaugh.

Wait for my other note, please give me feedback to make my note better, thank you for reading.

Enjoy the game..