Hot Summer - Clarifications

Day 4,608, 10:27 Published in Japan Japan by Weihaiwei

Terrains & Attack strategy

Terrains attack strategy is selected by the country attacking the region (the resistance force is considered the attacker for resistance wars). Officials have access to the strategy panel from the campaign map (for both current and past campaigns).
During a round, all 4 ground divisions will fight on the same 2 terrains. The next round will be fought on the next terrains defined in the strategy.

A valid terrain strategy must include all the terrains available. Terrain strategies can be set as default (used to determine the first 2 terrains), or changed for a campaign in progress(for future rounds).

Air battlezones do not have specific terrains.

Attack strategy: Industrial, Urban, Suburbs, Airport, Wasteland, Mountain, Beach, Swamp, Hills, Jungle, Forest, Desert, Plain, Mud

Terrains used for all ground divisions:
Round 1: Industrial & Urban
Round 2: Suburbs & Airport
Round 3: Wasteland & Mountain
Round 4: Beach & Swamp
Round 5: Hills & Jungle
Round 6: Forest & Desert
Round 7: Plain & Mud
Round 8: Industrial & Urban (repeat)

Fighting in terrains

The country-specific Legend Bonus (10% per level) will not be available when fighting in terrains (military rank points gain will be impacted as well).

Only Deploy mode will be available for fighting in terrains.

Max hit mechanics for terrains will be based on the skill of the terrain and not on the total strength.

As bomb damage is not dependent on strength, they will keep their regular values regardless of the terrain type.

Citizens will not be able to fight in non-native division’s terrains if they don’t have an active Maverick Pack enhancement.
True Patriot medal progress on terrains will be based on the terrain skill.

Epic battles

The battlezone that has the highest cumulative damage (attacker and defender) for a division, will gain epic status (2 prestige points per 10 energy spent). Along with it, the other 2 battlezones of that division will also gain the epic status. This applies to Air sectors as well.

Ground Battlezones can also achieve epic status via the regular mechanics, by surpassing the epic threshold (the other 2 battlezones will also gain epic status in this case).

- Division 1 - Standard of Battle X has the highest damage of all Division 1 battlezones in progress.
All Division 1 battlezones of Battle X (Standard, Terrain A and Terrain B become Epic.
- Division 1 - Standard of Battle Z becomes the battlezone with the highest damage. All Division 1 battlezones of Battle Z (Standard, Terrain C and Terrain D) become Epic. Division 1 of battle X loses epic status for all battle zones (Standard, Terrain A and Terrain B.

Editors Note - I hope this article was as helpful as much as I hope the previous one was.