Drunken Musings | RustyD 4 CP.... For July, not June ;)

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We open on a podium on the centre of the stage, lit up with big spotlights, crowd is murmuring quietly, you get the sense they are expecting something great to happen, some of the crowd hold signs that read "GIVE US YOUR D, RUSTYD 4 CP", others are waving the flags of the Irish Republican Party and the Irish Freedom Party.

Music starts playing in the background, the crowd begins to hear the opening cords of Rammstein's Ich Will....

A figure appears, approaching the podium, as he approaches, the banners of the Irish Republican Party, Ireland and the Irish Freedom Party are unfurled and hanging down.


Welcome to the Future eIreland....

Crowd erupts in cheers, crowd starts chanting


RustyD, RustyD, RustyD!!!!

Rammstein's Ich Will is still playing in the background, crowd gets more and more drawn into a frenzy.

RustyD at the podium signals for the crowd to calm down. And starts to talk...


We are all gathered here today to hear about our great nation and WHAT we will do to ensure it's safety and security, to see it grow and stay the proud nation that we know of it today and into the future

Crowd cheers once again, the music has all but died down now, the crowd are hanging onto every last word of RustyD as he continues to talk about his Country President bid....

Welcome eIreland to yet another CP Policy article for the upcoming term, I hope the intro made it slightly a bit more interesting and different from the normal run of the mill CP Policy articles. If the youtube video doesnt play when I publish this, their is a link just above (in the song title) you can play while your imagination thinks about the play/scene that I tried to write.... forgive me as well as I am not a play write, so I am not sure if that is the right layout...

Anyhow back to the point of the article, my re-election CP bid, proudly brought to you by those nice folks at the Irish Republican Party and the Irish Freedom Party who have backed by bid.

Training War's

These training wars will keep plugging along, all be it with some changes if the "Hot Summer Event" forces any. But dont worry, the Irish citizenship will be informed and kept in the loop if any changes are necessary. Through Telegram, we have had very good coordination already with our TW partners, Indonesia and the UK. If elected, I will ensure these channels are kept open as our partners prefer this form, compared to in-game messages.


During this past term, I have presented and tried to negotiate with them, however this was shot down all the time. Even though the offers presented actually was what they wanted. So if elected, I will continue doing what we are doing... waiting for them to come to us. Ireland has tried to be reasonable with them, but it was Romania who rejected it. So unless they come up with something more welcoming to the whole of eIreland, we will be more then happy to play the long game.

Grants to move Holdings

I am not bringing this up to undermine or to throw mud at my fellow CP contender, but more about my own view/stance on the idea, raised by the honourable Trito in his CP Policy paper. If elected, I will NOT using our funds to help people move their businesses from their own Holding Companies into an Irish region.

The reason I will NOT be doing this are as follows:

- The cost associated with moving them will be far to great and not be worth the benefits of them moving. For example, I have 100+ companies in one of my holdings in the USA, to move 1 factory to my holding in Cork will cost anywhere from 725cc (Q1 Factory) up to 90,000cc (Q7 Factory).

- If Cork or Mayo are RW'ed (currently 5.17 determination) the loss of the bonuses associated with them will greatly reduce the benefit of moving so many companies into these regions.

- If they are moved to another one of our Irish regions (only stable choice is Dublin due to the current TW's), they will get 0% boost due to know resources being held there.

So what do I think is a better option...

For now while Plato doesn't allow us to make moving tickets, I propose to do these things:

1. Speak with the Irish who do not regularly use moving tickets or who only need them to move to a TW. Offer as a government to buy them at a lower then market rate, then make them available to manufacturers of eIreland for a slight profit, but still below market rate.

2. Encourage growth of local industry to help fill the void in our markets. I try to do this already on a personal level, when I have stocks of food, putting it on the Irish market, but I would like to do this on a national level, to stop making our citizens have to travel at a high cost to get products.

3. If (we are still searching) we can find a nation that can fill Polands high determination shoes in our producing regions, then we will also further look into growing local manufacturers.

Other Points

Ireland knows me well enough to know what I will try and do for eIreland and her people. I will continue the course that we are currently charting, and while most things are known (the endless cycle of Training Wars until Plato fixes the game), with the help of my team (who is staying the same), we will ensure we over come any issues brought up by this 2 month long event.

My Experiance

Okay this is in a light hearted jest 😛

- 16x CP of Ireland/Australia (unsure the mix )
- 12x Dictator Trainee in eAus and maybe once or twice in eIre
- 4x True Dictator in eAus and maybe once or twice in eIre
- Crap load x VP eIre/eAust
- Crap load x Minister eIre/eAust
- Crap load x PP of parties in eIre/eAust
- 44x Congressmen in eIre/eAust/eIran/eNor (unsure of the mix )
- a lot of medals for True Patriot and other stuff, but bugger knows what.

All in all, I know I have eIrelands best interests at heart and I am sure Trito does as well. We both have been in the game a long time, some more active on the battlefield and in politics, some less active. But both of us are here to serve you eIreland.

And I forgot to say... I am running for the July candidacy, not the June one that Trito is apparently running for 😛 sorry mate, couldn't help myself.

Your humble servant,
Rusty D