[eIre CP] CP Update: Game Changes, Events, Life in General

Day 4,607, 17:36 Published in Ireland Ireland by Aras an Uachtarain

Greetings eIreland,

Well I was hoping to get this out earlier, but after waiting for our TW Partners to get back to me, I thought it better just to release the article and do a full up later. Things have been a bit quiet on the government front from the last time I addressed you, however things on the game front have been busy.

Dáil Éireann

The new Dáil Éireann has been started and everyone was happy to be involved in the message thread bar one. While nothing major has been brought up... because nothing major has come up, congress has been kept informed of the new Event and what Ireland is looking doing for it. More about that below.

Military Operations

Our two training wars are still going strong. We have made some slight adjustments as we were going through them to make it easy for our partners to co-ordinate their own TWs. Other then that, we have had great communication and awareness via our Telegram group chat to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Game Changes

Recently Plato announced a few different game changes. This involved RW battles as well as Travelling Costs. While the Battle changes look like they will effect a lot of countries who do a "train" Training War, it doesnt appear that it will effect the way we are doing our own Training Wars... so I will not focus on that. However, the changes to the Moving Ticket/Cost does effect a lot of our citizens, not only due to travelling to conduct war, but from WaM and also from buying stock.

Travel Changes: With Plato's announcement we see the cost of travel now directly relates to distance in KM's, this cost is not only in CC, but in moving tickets. So for example one of our Irish fighters who has a residence in Cork, that needs to move to an Irish region to fight in our TW, they would be faced with a 221km trip (to Dublin) which works out to be 22cc or a Q1 Travel ticket (if they even existed).

As you can see this example above shows the folly of Plato's mind yet again. As we can not even get/make/obtain a Q1 travel ticket. Meaning our fighters will either have to use cc or a Q5 ticket (which is good for 5000km range). Also we are still not allowed to 'select' payment method of travel, which results in the game automatically using the valuable Q5 ticket.

But moving for TW's is not the only issue we will face. For someone like me, I do a 38,000km round trip to visit all my holding companies each day. This equates to 8 Q5 moving tickets, which is all well and good... unless I fought in a TW earlier and used them to move a crappy 221km's....

It will also mean players who are not self-sufficient and who have to travel to find the cheapest goods on the market, run the risk of spending more on moving to that market then they would buying the goods they need.

All in all, this Ticket change will effect all Irish people, from fighters, to manufacturers and right down to the mum and pop players. So until Plato allows us to create tickets (maybe a ticket factory or special building) or fine tweaks the change, all I can do as your CP is offer a suggestion.

At the start of each day, put your moving tickets on the market for some stupidly high price (to prevent people buying them), move around and fight in your TW to earn TP cash, medals etc but remember the base cost involved (so aim to do it when you have full strength). Then before you look at moving to your holding company if it is located in a different region, look at the distance and then decide if it is worth paying in cash or using one of those travel tickets... if so, like I have to, take them off the market, work in those holding companies and then put them back on the market to keep them safe.

Everyone's situation will be slightly different. You might be lucky and only have holding companies in your residence, then you might see it to be a better value by selling your Q5 moving tickets on the market (current base price is 339cc) and just paying the small moving fee to fight in a TW.

Hot Summer Event

This event is like one we have had in the past, but this time it appears the event will be going for 2 months... which is a pretty long time. It will mix up our TW due to the way the event is constructed and the need to choose which terrains we fight on when we attack. Due to this, I have asked all Irish not to allocate points just yet. We are in discussions with our TW partners (and they are talking to theirs) to make sure we find terrains that suit our battles and then we can get you, the fighters to "skill up" in those.

For example, if Ireland picked Urban, Jungle, Beach, Mud, myself with 200k strength can easily put the max for my division (40k in D4) into all 4 terrains and then place my remaining 40k into a mix of others. For those who have more strength then myself, they will be able to spread theirs across more terrains. For those who have less, we hope by coordinating with our partners, we will be able to help you get the most bang for your buck.

One good thing about this event, since we are spreading our strength, if you have more then 40k strength, in essence you can be as strong as a tank, since they are limited to the 40k per terrain. So hopefully it might level the battle playing field and see some more people getting BH gold.

Well thank you for your time and thank you to those who are taking part in congress. We have CP elections coming up and I know Trito has already released his CP article (I am also running, and will release later today). So read through all the information coming out and ensure you vote for the player you believe will lead Ireland in the right direction. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them, either here in the comments section, or via PM.

Your humble servant,
Rusty D