[USWP] Congressional Report Day 4607

Day 4,607, 16:02 Published in USA USA by Krapis

Well, eUSA, I did something I wasn’t planning to do.

Actually, I blame dmj.

I only registered for the USWP Congress election because someone told me that it was good to have some extra names on the ballot. Who knew I’d end up making it in!?!?

Anyway, since I did, I figured I would share my experience with the greater community.

But, like, this is my first Congress medal. So I will need some help. And for that I’ve invoked the collective wisdom of my Party, the United States Workers Party.

So my first question for the party simply had to do with the purpose of eUS Congress itself. What the heck does it mean to be a member of this body?

Fortunately, the USWP is blessed with experienced players, citizens who take the game mechanics seriously, and people who are familiar with the Constitution, Code, and Forum protocols.

All we’ve really done is sign in, but here’s what I’ve learned so far.

I was immediately directed to Article II of the eUS Constitution by former multi-term Speaker of the House, and USWP President dmjohnston.

It should be to nobody’s surprise that the main thing Congress is about has to do with money. Congress controls the budget and holds authority over taxation.

This means that your tax dollars are being spent by the expressed will of the collective members of Congress. This should also mean that you care about what’s happening in Congress. It’s going to be my pleasure to keep you informed.

As our Party members continued to discuss the Constitution and Congress’ role in this game, USWP member Kevin Sheridan added some more philosophical thoughts to the mix. From his perspective, Congress has a responsibility to the eUS Community to help prevent subversive elements (presumably citizens and/or groups of citizens) from interfering with the orderly affairs of government.

His point is an interesting one, since Congress members are the ones who hold most of the keys to citizenship and immigration.

Kevin Sheridan added another important point. Because eRepublik is ultimately a pretty simple game, the best course of action for Congress is often obvious. Game mechanics are simple, and there is usually little grey area for interpretation or decision-making.

One of USWP’s more senior (and decorated) members is Derphoof, a 9-time Country President with 39 total terms in Congress. When he talks about what it means to be a “Legislator”, he points out that when you play Congress, you are entering into the most role-play-ish aspect of eRepublik.

He’s right, of course. The entire process of discussing and debating issues on the eUS Forum is an exercise in role play. For those who enjoy the role play aspect of gaming, it’s a blast.

Once the congress members have mostly signed in, the next step is to elect a Speaker of the House.

This individual is charged with ensuring that procedures are followed in an orderly manner. Experience is a huge benefit here, since precedent is often a major factor in how congress conducts its affairs.

Currently, Molly Emma (Fed), and Aersidius (WTP) have received and accepted the nominations necessary to be elected.

Several in the USWP Caucus support Molly Emma, as she has a proven track record of executing the office of Speaker with aplomb. The election will take place in the coming days.

There is already a potentially exciting discussion unfolding in the private discussion boards, an issue related to our Foreign Affairs. Because it’s being discussed in the private area, I cannot comment here. However, if it becomes a more public matter, I look forward to sharing the collective wisdom of the USWP Caucus.

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