[Trito4CP] July Candidacy

Day 4,607, 13:16 Published in Ireland Ireland by King Trito Fisher
Citizens of the Republic,

I am announcing my candidacy for post of Country President.
My goals for eIreland include keeping the status quo in certain regards while providing the necessary enthusiasm and innovation in strategy to handle recent changes to the game.

Training Wars
Of course, I will strive to maintain our Training Wars with Indonesia and the United Kingdom. In the modern game, training wars are essential to the activity and economy of every nation, and we should be happy with the position we have now. Our agreement with Poland also seems to be quite beneficial for both parties, and I would like to continue that as well. The only equivocal situation is with Romania, which still occupies one of our regions. The current set-up seems likely to lead to future problems, and I will attempt to negotiate with the Romanians (again) to leave our territory. I know that a recent joint proposal, spearheaded by our current CP Rusty was rejected by the Romanians; perhaps they'll have a fresh perspective with fresh faces 🙂

As for other foreign affairs: I plan to continue pursuing good relationships with all of our traditional allies, while examining new opportunities that can benefit eIreland.

Recent Game Changes
Both the recently announced event and the changes to travel will provide challenges and opportunities to eIreland.
About travel: I would like to look into using the cash stored in our countries vaults to help eIrish entrepreneurs move their holdings to eIreland, if they would like. More likely than not, I would propose these not as loans, but as a one time stimulus, since we know that travel changes will be detrimental to most big producers. My MoF will be a key element of this plan.

About the event: success requires excellent communication within eIreland and with our Training War partners. My MoFA and MoD will help me make sure that we are well coordinated to do as well as we can in this event.

My Team
If they choose to accept their roles, this is what I am imagining as my team:

MoFA: aimeisan
VP: Technician
MoD : Nerusia
MoF's : RustyD
Advisors: Rafaia, Armanych, LanyIsLost, Flaco Jimenez

My Experience
I have a good deal of experience in politics; I've held the following positions:
4x CP eIre
4x VP eIre
2x MoD eIre
2x MoFA eIre
3x PP IV
20x PP EA
2x MoC eIre
1x PP Res Belgica
2x Congressman eBe
2x MoE eBe
1x MoI eIre
37x Congressman eIre
2x Congressman ePort
My Leadership Style

I am a bit "old-fashioned" in that I prefer all communications to be via PM. This includes communications with foreign leaders and with my cabinet. Although this may seem inefficient to some, I believe it helps in documentation and accountability of all actors involved. I also write a good deal while CP, and I expect at least one article to the Irish people per week. This will certainly help with the event and other issues we will have to deal with as a nation, together.

Eire Abu!