THE 4 STAR General is BACK! (Ajay, Ajay Never Changes) (25 Comment Mission)

Day 4,607, 10:28 Published in USA USA by George S. Patton Jr

It's been awhile folks, and I am glad to be back on eRepublik. (Never thought I'd say that) With the tweaks since I left (and my jump in RL income) have allowed me to enjoy the game a lot more and make it feel less of grind.

Started my eRepublik life under the glorious leadership of President Emerick. eUSA was being swallowed by Serbia, Hungary, Indonesia, ect. We fought back to reclaim the eUSA from our enemies. While we always fought external threats and conquered them, the internal threats always seems to be more serious.

11 freaking years around this game, one constant has been Ajay Bruno. Better know today as Ronald Gipper Reagan, he has gone by many names in his eRep career. Sometimes I think he's just an account made by the old timers to keep eUSA politics interesting and a boogie man to fight. However, time and time again the man shows his true character.

Cromstar, a legend in his own right, details the story of Ajay Bruno/RGR so i won't go into much more details.

All I will say is do not throw your support behind this guy. He's a disgusting human being online and in RL.

Good Day, and have a Happy & Safe 4th of July weekend!

PS> If I can get 25 comments for this mission I will love you longgggg time.


-George S. Patton Jr