The establishment pick

Day 4,606, 13:37 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by tef1

After weeks of waiting, we just learned who the establishment pick is. It is Lviz - yes the same Lviz who betrayed us and our allies to accomodate our enemies. The same Lviz, who led to the end of our TW with eFrance. I mean who would do a training war with a traitor.

Lviz had his chance and he ruined it. It makes no sense what so ever to give him a second chance especially this soon after what he did. If it was a long time, hey, I would understand. People learn and we should be the land of opportunities to all.

Some may say, hey, you were CP once too. Well I sure was. The difference is, instead of the failures we faced under Lviz, the Tef1 leadership led to the following accomplishments.

1. Signing MPP with eBulgaria, eNigeria, Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Belarus, Iran, and Indonesia
2. Preserved the TW with eTaiwan.
3. Secured the taxes owned by the government of eTaiwan in the previous month.
4. eSwitzerland rejoined Nebula.
5. Baby Boom of 11 new citizens

The list is just a few of my accomplishment out of many others. I will do it again. Lviz does not have the know how to do half as well. It will be a tragic mistake to elect him.

Thank you