Day 4,606, 08:50 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by OPMM Wingman

How we can make citizen of eMalaysia excellent in eRepublik.

1. Develop discipline – stay online everyday and click ‘WORK’ and ‘TRAIN’ button.
2. Be confident on whatever you do to take attraction from newbie to play this game.
3. Be co-operative by helping another citizen in this game.
4. Be in control – Don’t get mad easily.
5. Be contributors- such as Money, Gold etc with your eFriend.
6. Be True: Tolerant – Do not take offence easily and reduce laziness and complacency.
7. Continued striving at all time – be positive assertive, NOT PASSIVE
8. Perseverance – NEVER GIVE UP EASILY!!
9. Be respectful, caring and loving.

I hope IT can help each other and can be a benchmark for us to get more excellent in our eFuture.