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Prepare for an eventful long torrid summer.

During July and August jet fighters and armored vehicles, veterans and reservists are called to arms to fight together, side by side for the glory of their countries and personal gains. Coordination will be the keyword as when and where you spend your energy will make or break a battle or even the war.

During the event each round of a campaign will be disputed in both air and ground divisions simultaneously. Each division will consist of 3 distinct battlezones and in order to win the division points a country needs to win 2 out the 3 battlezones.

Event duration

The event will start on day 4,609 [00:00] and will last for two months. You can check the event timer available on the home page.


For campaigns started during the event campaign points will be awarded to the round winner as based on the division:

Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Air
Campaign Points for round winner 2 3 4 5 6

During the event the most contested battlezone (the one currently has the largest amount of damage dealt) will become epic. Once a battlezone becomes epic, the other 2 battlezones of the division will also become epic.

Air rounds will be disputed between 3 sectors (A, B and C) each sector corresponding to a distinct battle zone with their own sky heroes hence allowing more pilots to turn the tide of the battle for glory or profit.

Dealing the greatest amount of damage for a side in a sector will be rewarded with a Sky Hero Medal and 8 gold.

Citizens can choose at any time the Sector they are fighting in using the Sector Switcher or via the campaign map, the same way you can Switch Divisions in Ground Battles.


Ground divisions rounds will be disputed over 3 different battlezones. For each round 2 terrain specific battle zones and one standard battle zone will be opened.

Standard battlezones will follow the established rules in terms of damage dealt.

Terrain battles

Ground Battles will be fought on 14 different terrain types based on the choice of the attacker’s military leaders (Country Presidents, Dictators, Ministers of Defense and Ministers of Foreign Affairs). Players can distribute their current strength over the 14 different terrain skills. During the event the terrain specific skill of the fighter will be used to compute the hit damage in a ground battle replacing the strength in the formula.

Industrial Urban Suburbs Airport Plain
Wasteland Mountain Beach Swamp Mud
Hills Jungle Forest Desert

You can assign some or all of your strength points. Assigning skill points can be done at any time as long as there is strength that was not assigned before (as after a training session). Assigning skill points will not impact in any way the damage a citizen can do in standard battlezones.

Military rank points obtained while fighting in terrain specific battlezones are calculated based on the total strength of the player.

The max skill the player can use depends of the division the player is fighting in as follows:

Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4
Max usable skill 20,000 25,000 30,000 40,000

In order to reset the skills you will need to use a special Skill Reset Token.

Each citizen will receive a number of complementary Skill Reset Tokens and a limited number of tokens will be available for purchase through the battlefield shop. A token will reset all the assigned skills and the total strength of the player will be available to assign once more.

Currently every 4 rounds generate:
BH (2g+3g+4g+5g) * 2 sides * 3 rounds + SH 30g * 2 sides

During the 2 months of Hot Summer:
(2g+3g+4g+5g+8g) * 2 sides * 3 zones * 4 rounds

Expect massive gold deflation

gov must decided which terrains to select.

Allied govs should coordinate with each other and maybe even TW partners should be informed of terrain selection.

After that the players should be given terrain preferences so that they don't have to compete with each other.


they lost most of players with similar shit years ago and now they try again?

How stupid you can be?

time to make some pause again as it seems.. or play other game as last time..