Attention! The end of traveling

Day 4,605, 02:50 Published in Netherlands Poland by Shawtyl0w

Dear citizens of eNL,

I wanted to notify you that erepublik has been updated and it greatly affects the cost of travelling.

Dear Citizens,

We’re making a couple of changes to eRepublik with the intent to address some mechanics which have become obsolete over time and to better emulate the real world.

Cost of Travel

Starting Day 4,605 [00:00], the cost of traveling will no longer be based on travel zones, but on the actual distance (in km) between cities.

The base travel cost will be 10 units of currency per 100 kilometers. When traveling with currency, a minimum cost of 20 currency will be deducted, even if the distance is shorter than 200km.

Travel tickets will allow distances based on their quality, each quality providing 1000km of travel range. Multiple tickets will be used if necessary.

In order for the citizens to adapt their economic strategy to this change, all ticket offers have been withdrawn from the market and the tickets have been returned to the citizens’ inventories.

Travel range of tickets:
Q1 Tickets: 1000 km
Q2 Tickets: 2000 km
Q3 Tickets: 3000 km
Q4 Tickets: 4000 km
Q5 Tickets: 5000 km

Example: Traveling from Lombardy to Kirde-Eesti: 2,001 Km
2x Q1 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q2 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q3 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q4 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q5 Travel Tickets OR
200 currency

The other mechanics related to travel will remain unchanged.

I advice all citizens of eNetherlands to change their residency to the same region they have their companies!!

Yours truly,