[PotUS] Creating a Tradition of Communication

Day 4,604, 21:47 Published in USA USA by Tyler Bubblar

In my previous article I highlighted what I view as fractures in our community. I have tried to bridge these divides with inclusion, access, and transparency. I would like to think that over the years I have built a reputation for being fair and even handed. I think we have made important progress in healing the rifts that plague the eUSA. However there is always room for improvement. I have a few ideas to continue moving things in a positive direction. None of these ideas are a silver bullet or a cure all panacea. However, I still feel they are worth trying.

First and foremost I would like to see the lines of communication opened up a bit more between the various groups of the eUSA. As it stands I have a good relationship with no small amount of trust and respect in most groups. I say that not to brag (though I am proud of it), but to highlight what's happened these last two months. Leadership of WTP and everyone else has been able to approach me with concerns. This has helped greatly as I have been able to tell all Parties that no offensive actions are planned. Each group has been concerned about PTO attacks on their own sovereignty. Knowing what each other are thinking and worried about has gone a long way to averting hostilities based on uncertainty.

However, the moment I step down from office there is no guarantee this arrangement will continue. I will always be an advocate for talking out our internal issues and I will continue to argue for that even after I go back to giving away supplies via No Fed Left Behind and AmeriCare. That said being the President does give a certain amount of gravitas to one's opinions. I am as I announced seeking one more term at the helm of our nation, but it is not my way to sit at the top blocking the aspirations of others, nor is it my way to attempt to steer my successors into what I would do. Therefore we must do something to keep everyone talking to one another or at the least give ourselves a venue to do so.

What I am proposing is simple. We create a Leadership channel on the eUSA server on Discord. Those who will have access to this channel will be Party Presidents, the current CP, and the Speaker of the House. This will give the leaders of the eUSA a place to air out grievances, discuss Congressional issues, and simply communicate in a private place with no extraneous distractions. Inclusion is vital to the health of the eUSA in my opinion, and my choices in team building, rhetoric, and focus likely reflect that. However, as I said above; my approach is just: that my approach. Future CP will by virtue of being different people have their own way of doing things. It is my hope that this new channel will become an important tradition and tool for keeping open the lines of communication. I am also very much in favor of an in game message opened between these office holders every month.

I do not think any would disagree with me when I say eRepublik is a beyond stale game. Our community is also in many ways beyond stale. We get the occasional new player or old player returning after a long hiatus. However, those of us who remain have played this game, and been a part of the community here for a very long time. This has in my view baked in a lot of very old grudges. It makes changing course in intra-community relations difficult at best. In the early days of my erepublik career I made a lot of enemies. I burst onto the scene as a hard charger that was going to shake up the status quo no matter how many elbows I had to throw. It took me the better part of 2 years to overcome the consequences of my early behavior. It was not easy, but I mended a lot of fences. I know this can be done. We just need to give one another a chance, not always be on defcon 1, and be willing to communicate with the intent of understanding one another. This will be a major area of focus for my administration in the month of July. As always I thank you for taking the time to read. I also ask that you consider voting for Tyler Bubblar on July 5th 2020.