swiss news: updates, higher costs+RW's

Day 4,604, 18:06 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by chris jonadicus

Dear swiss people and friends, hello.

As day 4,600 approached us, and we now walk in day 4,604 of erepublik, a new update came to the game:

the first part is about the increase in travelling costs (bad update), and the new changes in the RW/resistance wars system. (a hopefully good change, in theory at least).

to put things in full detail, the whole plan of erepublik's update on travelling costs/RW mechanics is:


Cost of Travel

Starting Day 4,605 [00:00], the cost of traveling will no longer be based on travel zones, but on the actual distance (in km) between cities.

The base travel cost will be 10 units of currency per 100 kilometers. When traveling with currency, a minimum cost of 20 currency will be deducted, even if the distance is shorter than 200km.

Travel tickets will allow distances based on their quality, each quality providing 1000km of travel range. Multiple tickets will be used if necessary.

In order for the citizens to adapt their economic strategy to this change, all ticket offers have been withdrawn from the market and the tickets have been returned to the citizens’ inventories.

Travel range of tickets:
Q1 Tickets: 1000 km
Q2 Tickets: 2000 km
Q3 Tickets: 3000 km
Q4 Tickets: 4000 km
Q5 Tickets: 5000 km

Example: Traveling from Lombardy to Kirde-Eesti: 2,001 Km
2x Q1 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q2 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q3 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q4 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q5 Travel Tickets OR
200 currency

The other mechanics related to travel will remain unchanged.

Resistance wars

Starting day 4,606 [00:00], Resistance Wars will be added to the battle queue of the region once the number of supporters is gathered, and it will start unless the region returns to the original owner.

Citizens will now be able to support a Resistance War in any region if at least 24 hours have passed since the original owner has lost control over it.

Region X of country A is under occupation by country B.
The resistance force of country A gathers the required supporters.
The resistance force will be added to the queue.

Scenario 1:
Country B has an ongoing battle with Country C in Region X.
After the battle between B and C is finished, a new battle will start opposing the resistance force and the winner of the previous battle.

Scenario 2
Country B has an ongoing battle with Country A, the original owner in Region X.
If Country B wins the battle, a new battle will start between the resistance force and Country B.
If Country A wins the battle the resistance force will disband and the resistance war will close.

The other mechanics related to Resistance Wars remain unchanged.


upon this full explanation of the games latest changes, i will try to remain optimistic, although im sure that now the travelling costs with increase (VERY) much, and as such, ticket's prices will skyrocket, causing a large case of ''supply and demand'' in the global markets for e-tickets...

a good counter-measure would be the option for us to build our own ''ticket factories'', and to be able to produce a bunch of Q1-Q4 tickets for us, so that we can do our trips+ movements for RW battles and stuff a bit easier. (and cheaper too)

but regardless of the new increase in the travelling costs, the new RW changes do sound interesting, in this current stage, at least.

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until then,

-chris j. swiss player.