We are ORION, united as one!

Day 4,603, 14:00 Published in Cuba Portugal by Orion HQ

For months we have tried to stay neutral, away from the main conflict between Asteria and CODE. We focused on our TWs and growing our troops. A band of friends hanging out on chat, having fun and living a peaceful life. Little did we know, war was knocking on our doorstep and the day came when Orion’s brotherhood was put to the test.

After months of being deleted, Greece managed to gain a region and instead of regrouping with their allies and fight for their freedom, or even escaping to one of their friends’ core and plan their next action, they went after a peaceful, neutral country who only focus on TWs and minded their own business...

Greece’s biggest mistake was thinking Cuba to be too small to defend themselves, as all bullies, picking on the little guy is their way of life, so, being true to their motto they launched AS .

Greece thought they can escape Asteria's wrath by picking on smaller targets like Cuba and Israel. Underestimating them was their downfall because, you see, they are not alone! Nooo, they’re never alone.

We’re ORION, we protect each other, it was about time we reminded the world we don’t take likely to attacks on our members. They forgot we are untied and we taught them the value of friendship and years of building relations on trust, integrity and help. Orion together is stronger than they gave us credit for and we will not back down from a fight.

The fact that we kept to ourselves doesn’t mean we are weak or too scared to fight, if anyone considers they don’t have enough enemies and keeps pushing us to pick sides, be sure we will retaliate!

We want to thank our allies who answered our call to arms, united we defended against the invaders and together we prevailed! We are ORION, united as one, we stand here to withstand the rocking waves of the ocean!

Hail friendship!

Hail brotherhood!

Hail ORION!!!