Resistance Support and Travel Cost (Short version / My Analysis)

Day 4,602, 09:57 Published in Norway Norway by hans erik


There is a new update on Erep about Travel and Resistance Support. - You can read it here

Short version / My Analysis

Travel Cost

So This means the Travel cost will be 10 cc per 100 Km.

Minimum it will be 20 cc (even if you travel under 200 Km), the same as today

Max cost is today 100 cc. But with new system it will be 1970 cc (which is the highest/furthest i have found)

Tickets will also cover a certain amount of Km
Travel range of tickets:
Q1 Tickets: 1000 km
Q2 Tickets: 2000 km
Q3 Tickets: 3000 km
Q4 Tickets: 4000 km
Q5 Tickets: 5000 km

So a q5 ticket is worth 500cc

Resistance Support

The change with RW is mostly that you can support an RW 24 hours after the region got occupied, even if the occupier changes/ the region changes country

And if a region gets full support for RW while there is a Direct battle for that region, the RW will be queued up and start against whatever country will win the direct battle.

Ofc not if the original country wins it.

I don't think this Resistance Support changes matters that much to regular Players, other than if you support an RW you might be screwed if the region changes.

The Travel cost will be a big impact and change a lot of things. The cost of RW support, of hunting medals and Giving hits, among others.

An example Zordacz gave:
Travel 10000km - 1000cc
Support an RW - 1000cc
Travel back - 1000cc
Win an RH - 5g
250cc profit if you're not benched.

Hits will probably be a lot more expensive.

And player will have to be a lot more strategic of where to travel, and where to stay.

Keep in mind these changes takes effect Day 4,605 [00:00] for the Travel.
And 4,606 [00:00] for Resistance Support.

What is your opinion of these changes?