Why everyone should buy Q1 houses

Day 4,598, 20:46 Published in India Romania by VinSkywalker

This article talks about how any player can profit from buying a Q1 house.

The cost of a Q1 house is about 9400 to 9500 cc

You can collect 24 overtime tickets from the activated Q1 house everyday which means you can work overtime once every day. An activated Q1 house lasts a week. This means you can work overtime 7 times a week.

The average daily salary is about 2150-2250 cc

The extra cc you get from working overtime = 7x2150 = 15050 (give or take a few for taxes)

Net profit you make = 15050 - 9400 = 5650 of extra income every week

This article is for new players who want to to be self sustaining.

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