[MoED] new CP, summary and cabinet info. (june 2020)

Day 4,595, 16:53 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Swiss Dep. of Education

Dear people of e-switzerland and friends, hello.

As the good presidency of lviz fer and of his great cabinet ended by the final days of may, we saw june coming by with a new CP who has also helped the country before, both as a MoD, as a congressman and as a CP too:
mr thrakiwths55, who has an excellent track record in various ministries, but mostly in the MoD/MoFa departments, while his older term as our CP was good and balanced.

In this article, i shall post a short summary of the current cabinet and CP, a list of the people in the government, and a brief description about each one of the cabinet members.

The current cabinet and positions for this term/tenure (june of 2020) is :
Country President : thrakiwths55
Prime Minister : rican
Minister of Defence : winston maccina smith
Minister of Foreign Affairs : lviz Fer
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs : thrakiwths55
Governor : Tim Buctu
Minister of Education : chris jonadicus (me)

For starters, its good that, once again, our cabinet consists of good, active and reliable people, who i can trust for the daily duties of the goverment, and all of them who are also good friends of mine and trusted veterans of the community.

I am very happy to see thrakiwths55 doing such a good job as our CP, with this one being his second CP term and he is always discussing every important topic with us frequently,
keeping us updated about the nation's laws and conditions through the public nations newsfeeds posts and on PM's too,
while he also informs us on important issues/suggestions that need addressing and he even posts about some important TW info+changes too,
so that we can fullfil all of our battle needs ASAP and in a proper manner!
thats how good he is.

As for our PM, rican needs no introductions : he is one of the greatest heroes of this e-country, a pillar of our community, a battle hero, the heart of the e-swiss resistance against MANY invaders and PTOer's and a very good person,who i am honoured to call my friend.

rican's achievements and heroic actions are countless, so its fair to say that rican is always a solid choice for our country.
(and any cabinet wtih rican in it, is a GREAT and SAFE cabinet.)

(BTW, as a sidenote, i should add that during may, we've had vincent as our PM for a short while, but after vincent we've got rican as our PM for the majority of lviz fer's CP term)

Thirdly, about our MoD, i wanna congratulate once again mr winston maccina smith for his great work as our minister of defence (MoD), not once, but TWICE, as he keeps us frequently updated on the TW's, and on the RW's (for RH achievements) everyday,non-stop, just like his excellent predecessor, lviz fer did before him in the past.

The fact that mr winston is also actively running an economic ''help for new players in aviation battles'' initiative during this term, and under the frequent guidance and info of our CP, then we can add this extra feat of loyalty in winston's shinning resume.

About our MoFa, i am happy to see lviz Fer in this position: he is a very active and helpful minister and he always informs us about the current TW's and MPP agreements on a daily basis (both in the nations newsfeeds and in the circular PM's too), he is a good person and keen to keep us informed and organized.
Combine lviz fer's good work with winstons splendid achievements as a MoD and our CP, and you've got a great team right here.

When it comes to our governor (aka= Minister of Economy (MoE)), mr Tim Buctu also need no introductions : mr tim buctu has been a loyal trusted veteran of e-switzerland, and i can easily trust him on all affairs with closed eyes.
he is an active, friendly, helpful and informative person and a great player too, and just like his fellow lugangeles party member, vincent rekdall, he has always done great things for our country and he has kept us together, regardless of his position/ministry, in any government.

As for me, i once again am tasked in this important ministry, and i will be happy to write articles about the goverments new plans and announcements in order to keep ourselves active, informed and entertained, amongst other things.

Once again, i am delighted to see another great and heroic cabinet for our country, and to see them have such a good activity and dedication to our e-country.
thank you everyone, keep up the good work!

I shall post more articles in the upcoming days, (with updates on our agreements, the state of taxes (stable) initiatives by the government), and some new cool things, but for now i close this article with great hope for our excellent cabinet, and with happiness that things are going well for our community.

Be well, stay safe, and remember:
swiss here, swiss there, swiss everywhere.

-chris jonadicus, minister of education (MoD)