[event] Spring sale 2020 (D4573/74 28th/29th of May)

Day 4,573, 09:56 Published in Turkey Turkey by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear all,
As you can see - we got the Spring Sale event after all 🙂
I know is almost summer already, but better late than never 😃

Event lasts for 2 days
Starts: D4573 00:00:01 eRep (May 28th, 2020)
Ends: D4574 23:59:59 eRep

Similar to the last year Spring sale (all except x3 bars packs if I recall correctly), this is what Plato offers this year:

SHOP - 30% more of everything in the packs purchased by euros

GOLD STORE - Packs with stingers, carrots, cruise missiles, dmg boosters and dmg accelerators
Note: All packs are available to buy max 3 times per pack

I will focus more on Gold store packs available in my article, so here is the table with info what they consist of, same as Sum (x1) and Sum (x3) - so you can see in total what you can get if you have enough golds to purchase all packs maximum number of times.

Table with XS-XXL packs goodies:

Table with the calculation of item per golds:

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Stingers are set as default wep each time you enter the AIR battle, or refresh it - so if you want to 'keep' them, pls remember to switch to NO WEP.
Also, ppl that use scripts take this into consideration, as script will most probably 'spend' your stingers in some battle you maybe didn't want it to 😉

Most important for the new players and returners to the game is to keep in mind to focus on AIR rank. And stingers (air zookas as I like to call them) are amazing for that.
Each stinger has 3 hits. 1 hit will take 10 of your energy and you will put 1k air dmg with it. So with spent 30 energy, you make 3k of air dmg per 1 stinger, and that is 300 air rank points.

So if you have less than 2790 golds (sum needed to buy all the packs for max number of times), for AIR accs my advice is to start from the smalles pack (XS), and buy as much you can in that direction, each pack max number of times = 3.
For GROUND accs, bigger value have the packs with CM/BB, so they should start with the biggest pack (XXL) and go in that direction.


Please have in mind that goodies from packs have the expiry date, so if you want them to last longer, you can buy them in the last minutes of the Spring sale event (it will not make much difference, as sale event lasts only 2 days, but for some maybe will matter 😉)

In my example, I bought L pack just now, and in my warehouse, I can see the following expiry dates:
15 days for carrots and air bazookas 😃
Carrots: Day 4,588, 23:59
Stingers: Day 4,588, 23:59

30 days from the moment of the purchase for BB and CM
Big bombs: Day 4,603, 08:50
Cruise missiles: Day 4,603, 08:50

Note: you can prolong Big Bombs by buying packs that include BB in case if you really want to spend more euros on this game 😉

Dmg accelerators (x2 for 5 minutes) and Dmg booster (+100% for 8 hours) don’t have the expiry date.

End note…

In my experience so far, there are 2 main groups of ppl in each event
1. those who use the goodies to get more golds (fighting in TWs),
2. those who use goodies to have fun (and spend the goodies in the real Wars).

Each of us has the right to choose what to do, how to play our account. I know what makes more fun to me 😃 And I hope to see some real wars soon for that reason 😉
This way of play brings me less golds (for the next event), but I enjoy it more.. You pick your own way, but don’t forget to have fun in the process, no matter how you choose to spend all this stuff 😉

And if you go for the SH with stingers, keep in mind that ‘ the usual, unwritten SH dmg rules’ don’t apply as during the times without stingers.. So you will most probably need to put a bit more dmg for the SH than usual.. (Is too bad, but is how it is.. When ppl have more than usual, they tend to get a bit crazy 🙂 Is human nature I suppose..)

I hope still the most of players will respect the 1st hit rule, and some other rules 😉 And please, if you believe someone was unfair, write a PM to that person.. Try to communicate.. And I also ask for older and stronger accs to help to newer ones and returners.. For some, that 1st SH medal means a lot, and they will remember it for a long time for sure.. And is nice if ppl already here for many years and with many medals on their profiles help to make it happen 😉

I wish you all to have a nice day, and now is the time to spend the golds I’ve been gathering from Christmas times 🙂 For me, this is a first packs event for which I managed to gather enough golds for all the packs, so I was looking forward to my first sale where this will be possible 😉

Thank you for reading, and for your comments 😉

Samo jako!
Samo pozitivno!
is in the

Yours truly (and smiling),
Rabbit of Caerbannog