Dominar Rygel XVI for Country President: A More Perfect Union

Day 4,572, 20:26 Published in USA USA by Dominar Rygel XVI

Hello America! It's been awhile since my last Presidential campaign. I intended to run last month, but it looks like you had to wait until June for me. We had an astonishing level of success under 6 consecutive months of WTP presidential administrations, beginning with my personal political hero, President Chickensguys. If you elect me your President, I promise a return to those glory days! Vote Dominar Rygel XVI on Friday, June 5th and together, we the people of the eUSA will have a more perfect union!

Now some bragging about my own personal achievements, before we move on to my plan to make eAmerica great again!
Career Highlights
*Dominar to over 600 billion people.
*5-Term Vice President of the United States
*2-Term Secretary of State
*Secretary of Education
*Deputy Press Secretary
*17-Term Congressman
*Congressional Whip
*9-Term Party President of We The People
*Former SFP Party President
*Former Black Sheep Regiment Captain

Now that we got that out of the way, I want to tell you a little bit about what I will do as your Country President.

My Team
Anyone with skills to offer in service of our country will be welcome in my cabinet and administration. More of my cabinet will be revealed in my next article, but for now I am naming Chickensguys as Senior Adviser, and StriderR 83 as my Secretary of State.

Reclaiming America
While it is certainly a good thing we were not wiped. This is a country of 50 states. I am going to sit down with the Asterian leadership, and we are going to find a way to get our country back. If you want any hope of the US getting a better deal, and to be more than just one giant resource farm, then I ask for the chance to negotiate our way to a better deal for the US. It is true that the war effort against such massive odds would have led to a wipe, but I am going to take a different approach. I accept the current agreement, but I feel strongly that we can do better.

I support maintaining 1% taxes across-the-board. It's been good for our country, and don't see a need for any major overhaul on that front.

National Referendums
Certain issues of importance are often decided by a few people in smoke-filled rooms. I intend to declare that matters of major importance to the country will be put to a national referendum vote, where YOU the people of the eUSA will decide the future of our country by majority vote. Populism is a good thing for keeping the community engaged, and I will encourage it!

More Fun
Some parties make an attempt with game nights and whatnot, but we need more fun in general! I will therefore make an effort to bring back eNPR, which has been gone for far too long, and I think "national game nights" would be great to have. We should also incorporate some sort of national giveaways in to our press releases to get people more engaged. Let's have fun be for the entire country. If we get more people interested and involved, we can definitely cut down on attrition rates. Every person we can motivate to stay helps our community!

Remember, I am not a God, but I am your Sovereign.... so vote for me! o/