Acronyms and abbreviations for the new player.

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I thought this might be helpful for the new player.


MU - Military Unit
TW - Training war
RW - Resistance War - A war initiated by citizens in an occupied region.
DO - Daily Order - Orders on which battles to fight in each day, set by the
Military Unit.
BH - Battle Hero - The person who does the most damage in a mini-battle.
CH - Campaign Hero - The person who does the most damage over an entire battle.
SS - Super Soldier - Gaining 250 strength.
TP - True Patriot - Dealing a lot of damage for your country.


CP - Country President - The leader of a country.
PP - Party President - The leader of a party.
vPP - Vice Party President - The co-leader of a party.
PTO - Political Takeover - Using the PP elections as a way to get an outsider from another party into power. (PTO’s can also be electing a CP or Congress from an enemy nation)
ATO - Anti Takeover - To stop a PTO
MoHA - Ministry Of Home Affairs
MoFA - Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
MoD - Ministry Of Defence
MoF - Ministry Of Finance
MoH - Ministry Of Health
MoE - Ministry Of Education
MoR - Ministry Of Retention
MoLA - Ministry Of Legislative Affairs


FP - Forfeit Points - Points that can be given if eRepublik rules are broken in
MM - Monetary Market (Can also mean Media Mogul)
HW - Hard Worker - 30 days of working (Either producing your own resources or working as an employee)
BB - Baby boom - A spike in the population of a country, caused by off-site recruitment.
MPP - Mutual Protection Pact - An alliance between two countries.
NAP - Non-Aggression Pact - An agreement of no fighting between two countries.
NE - Natural Enemy - Gives a country 10% more influence against another country
CS - Citizenship - Your country
CC - Country Currency


\o/ - a cheering person
o/ - a waving person, or high five
o7 - Salute
Multi - Owning more than one account.
Snipe - When a Battle Hero is stolen in the closing minutes.
2 clicker - Someone who just works and trains, and doesn’t get involved in the game.
Tank - A very hard hitter.

Added by Rainy Sunday:
MTO - military takeover
SH - Sky Hero
FF - food fights (using only your energy and not added E😎
EB - Energy bars

Then you'll see all the abbreviated premium packs
IK - infantry kit
MP - maverick pack
BP - blitzkrieg pack
PP - power pack
CS - combat stash
WS- war stash

Added by Krapis
DIO - Imaginary eRep god

Added by Wilker Nath.
o> - How he likes to salute

I hope this helps.

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