Investing in companies - Part 3 - HRM

Day 4,569, 07:45 Published in Germany Germany by plnet
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Now that we've looked at the production of FRM and WRM, let's look at the production of HRM.

We first look for a region with a high HRM production bonus. We currently find these regions primarily in the USA with up to 200 % bonus.

Let's take a look at the overview first:

Nothing has changed in investment costs, just because of gold exchange rate fluctuations there are small deviations from my previous reports.

We also assume that the maximum number of workers always produce and therefore 5 workers at level 5 produce a total of 25 HRM.

With the current wage level of 2150 CC we get up to 10.750 CC in costs for level 5.

On the revenue side, we would sell 1 HRM for currently 426.50 CC. At lvl 5 we get proceeds of 10,663 CC.

The result is a loss at all 5 quality levels. According to my calculation, the production of HRM would not pay off according to current market prices. Unless wage costs decrease or HRM prices rise, investing in HRM is currently not a good choice.