Day 4,568, 12:33 Published in Spain Spain by Ministerio de Asuntos Exterior


Few days ago, Spain launched ne on France, it was a troll NE, but France started moving the TWs in their cores and sent NE back. We ended up attacking because of the movements Done.

Let’s first put a bit of history on the relations between France and Spain. So far, of course it will be from spanish side, so if you are from CODE or you never talked with us, you may have heard it different. When France was supposed to be neutral, Spain was invaded. When all the regions except one were decided, France decided to join a CODE operation to invade us. Yet they were trying to sell out the story that they were neutrals to keep TW with Asteria. We wanted and still want to screw France because of their acts towards us. Even if we look a bit behind in the time, when we even had common channel with them, they were always finding out excuses to say no to a pingpong from our borders. That was long time ago and the excuses were too diverse to remember them. (Extremely expensive fish concession offer)

With this very briefed history, what we want to say is that France never played clean with us, neither in an adult way. Actually the only time they acted as adults was yesterday in the battlefield… or not.

What happened yesterday? France got a good victory against us (we were expecting it) and Asteria was on Spanish side while CODE was on French one. France fought amazingly in ground, and not so good in air, and that is what we can read from the score of the battle.

Now it’s time for a more global look at the map. It will be of course related to yesterday and to the topic we are talking about.
Let’s start with us, Spain closed any chance for France to take more than 1 region. We also gained one more legend XX which is always nice. Apart from that… nothing else, congrats France on your victory.

If we look on what happened to France, we will see they are no longer in Saudi Arabia. Also not in Switzerland. And that, my friends, at least the second one was totally avoidable. The first one, well... It is something to see with your friends since they kicked you out from there.

Just a small reflection on this. Are we so worthy to lose 2 TW just to focus on a battle that would have let you won maximum one region from us?

Now I think we talked enough about France and we should talk about what is important to us. Our people.

First of all, our soldiers and pilots (I’m sorry allies, your turn will come in few lines) and for this, I’m switching to Spanish.

Ayer fue una batalla que puso los huevos sobre la mesa. Además, no dejasteis que Kekco se llevara ninguna BH, asi que buen trabajo. Felicidades a todos los que pegasteis y en especial a nuestros rankeadores pegando a los gabachos, Mauos, nuestro nuevo leyenda XX, el que provoco esto, osease ULTRABOTEV (las culpas a él), Zamo y nuestro querido pájaro, que subió a leyenda III haciendo caer una tw. Obviamente puede que me deje a alguien, en cuyo caso por favor avisad, son de los que tengo conocimiento y no quita el mérito de absolutamente nadie de los que se dejaron los tanques y barritas ayer y lo más importante, en esta pegamos todos codo con codo.

Now for the allies, We saw a lot of people coming yesterday, I can speak from our guys seeing flags from all colours from Asteria side, even not in the alliance. We saw Portugal, Netherlands, Moldavia, Romania… and we didn’t see any bulgarian or serbian… Just kidding, I’m speaking in your languages for you guys, so apologies in advance for possible mistakes.

Благодаря ви, че бяхте с нас вчера, докато бием кроасаните и ни накарахте да се чувстваме като част от семейството. Беше удоволствие да бъдем заедно на бойното поле, гордеем се и бихме го направили отново по всяко време.

Још једном, хвала вам пуно. Увек сте ту, без поговора. Једино што могу да додам да ми је драго што сам део овог пријатељства и што сам ваша снајка.

Also we have to mention someone that has helped out in a very important way, Poland and Makedonia. You guys moved super fast to cut borders and it’s super nice to be able to count on you at any time.

With this, enough is written on the Foreign Affairs side, nice battle everyone.