[MoF/MoD] Q7 stockpile Program

Day 4,568, 08:03 Published in Canada Canada by Canadian Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Defence are working in conjunction on developing a stockpile of Q7 weapons for national use. This stock pile of Q7 weapons will be used to ensure that Canadians will always have access to Q7 weapons at a reasonable price in the case of rapidly increasing prices for Q7 weapons during an event, or in the case of a critical battle.

The development of this stockpile is currently moving fairly slowly, as there are only 3 citizens who are working in the factories to develop the stockpile. If you would like to help create the stockpile, please join the factories. Send the Mann551 a message to find out how. The wage is listed at 800 cc, and after 3 days of work, will be dropped to 500 cc.

This is an important program for the future of eCanada, and it requires the help of all willing citizens. It is the most cost-effective way of ensuring a stable supply of Q7's for all Canadians.

As stated above, progress is slow. After running this program for 20 days, it has seen the production of 357 Q7 weapons, at an average cost of 81 cc per weapon. On average, the program is able to produce 17.85 Q7 weapons per day. It would be ideal to increase this number much higher, but to do that, your help is needed.

So again, if you are able, please join the Q7 weapons stockpile program and help in the production of a stable supply of Q7 weapons. If you are interested, send a message to Mann551, and he will direct you on the best way to get involved.

Stay tuned for further updates.