Latest Updates - Day 4,565 - About Game Tokens

Day 4,566, 00:28 Published in Israel Israel by danis1982

Game Tokens Market Changes Starting day 4,565 a number of changes will be applied to the Game Tokens Market.

Target market

When adding an offer on the market the seller now has the ability to choose markets where his offer will be listed.
Using the market filters the seller now has the ability to target a country or an alliance with his offer.
This enables sellers to only give access to their offers to allied citizenship players and cut supply lines to foes.
Offers previously posted have a global reach.

Seller citizenship

With the same strategy in mind, the nationality of the Citizens is now displayed next to the offers on the market.

Other changes

New limits are now in place when purchasing and using tokens:

1. Citizens can spend tokens to purchase packs from the shop with the value of up to 500 tokens per day.
2. Citizens can use currency to purchase tokens depending on their Military Rank levels. Each day a citizen can purchase tokens up to the sum of their Ground and Air Military Ranks.

Example: If a citizen has a Ground Military Rank of Titan (Rank Level 66) and an Aircraft Military Rank of Flight Lieutenant (Rank Level 26) he will be able to purchase up to 92 (66+26) tokens per day.
You can find the ranks and levels for the Military Ranks and the Aircraft Ranks on our wiki.