Weekly challange

Day 4,564, 13:39 Published in Austria Austria by OEBernd

Week change

So we have Tuesday and I just wanted to remind you of the good old mechanics we had until the corona specials.

1st : rl money, rl money, rl money
2nd : If no mr. 1 try to have full hp & an incomming new level
Yes sometimes it is worth missing pp and sometimes levelup + medals... are worth to use them on monday.

Picture about health recovery
Try to hit in epic fights to get double pp.
You don´t know when epic starts? Hit once and wait until the hp are full...
Often epic starts at about 00:45.
Don´t forget to get your rewards!

If you hit once at daychange, collect your reward and wait until epic it is a good thing - still waste of time.

The first 1k pp give you the most health recovery as we saw before.
Big goal is to reach your 5k pp as fast as possibru.

Here we have the kumulated eb´s and energy revovery.

With 7k pp you got all the special items like boosters, storage and tickets.

Then try to reach 20k pp. This is the point when you don´t get any more health recovery but bars.

So here it isn´t worth fighting any more.

So what can u do the easy way? - For guys like me.
Look how many pp you do in a regular week.
If you start with the first epic. Just use max the amount of eb´s you will get until the end of the week for sure.

For example: You do 20k each week so you can burn 300 eb´s + 7 for daily rewards without loosing any eb´s.

If you want it more precise there is a calculator: http://wcsimulator.droppages.com