[ROBODictatorship] The Final Word

Day 4,561, 13:28 Published in Canada Netherlands by Eduard Douwes Dekker

Hello my little robots, friends and rivals.

My Dictatorship is over and the new Canadian we have to is TheCanadianPunk.
I wish him best of luck in days ahead. He is also our CP so for difference he actually has the right to do that job 😃

Last 30 days were exciting in this world, in Canada especially. Not my fault as a Dictator really but we as a Government were working on in to bring friends back in Canada for a while now. When the time came we took a chance.
The final big war against CODE took place right here and our neighborhood.

We had a deal with Croatia for Valentine day event and they never left as agreed. Others most of the time did not even answer our messages, or calls to leave us alone and go away. Dealing with CODE was not always that bad and sometimes they did actually listen what we had to say. But recently they stop listening completely, started attacking our resource regions, bringing who ever they wished was practice from the start , making their own TWs with each other here etc.

At the end rescue team from Asteria and Hydra came. Lithuania, Serbia, Romania and Iran supported by their own alliances, our Orion and other friends and mission was completed.
Of course they did not come here just cuz we look pretty and they love us that much(they actually do). They had their own interest in this part of the world(kicking CODE where ever they can) but at the end we had a common interest and were working together. Worked great for all of us.
Thank you friends for making this happen.
Thank you eCanadians for not giving up and fought when is needed.

The result of all this is starting to show.

-We are renting Rubber to Serbia. Congress already approved this deal and details of it will get in public soon.

As soon as USA makes a deal with Asteria we will continue with other actions. More about that deal you can read here.

-We will sign Non Aggression Pact(NAP) with USA. This one was not really
necessary since our relations with USA was never really bad and their only mistake was they were in a bad company in Canada. On the other hand that NAP give us a room to strengthen and our relationship with our southern neighbor. Hopefully after that NAP our friendship will grow. That NAP is on Congress already.

-We work with what we have at this moment but after Asteria-USA deal is made we will organize training wars with our friends here for more true patriot battles and of course for protection of our resources in the future.

I want to thank Congress and especially Government members for all your work. All this was a group effort. I hope I did not disappoint you.

I did calculations and that 1 million I donated to cover for my Dictatorship was enough. Maybe 30k was left there but who cares, eCanada did not pay for it and that is what matters. Thank you for letting me do this.

Like promised I will give away some money for my eCanadians.

10k cc for each eCanadian. Just dont send multi for that money, he wont get it 😃
All you need to do is post a comment in this article in the next 48h.
Additional 5k goes to all Congress and Government Members. Those are the people who runs the Country and spend their time to help even more. Thank you, thank you all!!

Corona situation and lockdown did give me a chance to spend more time in the game and do things properly but I need to go to hibernation now. I spend way more time here then I wanted. I need a rest.

That's it form me for now. I hope I did not forget something 😃

Your robot,
Chopp dks