Happy 17 may (Food For Everyone) , Norway's National Day!

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Happy 17 May. It is Norway's national Day!

Comment below to get Food. Everyone who comments might get 2k Q2 food, And as usually extra for eNorwegian Citizens!

(Thanks to Xibbard who sponsored a lot of food)

Here are the answers from the quiz, along with some info.

1. What does our National day celebrate?

C ) Constitution Day

2. Which Year did Norway gain Independence?

B ) 1905

A ) 1814 is an interesting answer, Read Below.

3) Which Year was Norway's Constitution signed?

D ) 1814

So this is kind of fun. Our National day is Constitution Day, That was signed 17. May 1814.

Since 1397 Norway had been part of Kalmar union, which included all of Scandinavian/Nordic regions.
In 1523 the union fell apart as Sweden left it, Norway stayed under control of Denmark.

In 1814, due to the Napoleonic Wars Denmark was Forced to cede Norway to Sweden. (Norwegians were horrified Norway would be traded like that, with the big world powers approval.)
During this Norway tried for Independence, and signed our constitution. For a while even the Crown Prince of Denmark agreed to be King for an independent Norway.

Following a short war with Sweden, Norway surrendered and became under a union with Sweden, but due to all this Norway was allowed to keep some autonomy including our own constitution.
This is apparently the last War Sweden ever had.

One problem with the transfer is Denmark kept the NORWEGIAN territories of Iceland and Greenland(still under Denmark), but Norway had to give up those long ago.

In 1905, Norway tried for independence from Sweden, and Was finally successful. We gained independence without a War and much fighting from Sweden.

( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_Dissolution_Day this is considered Independence Day, but i see google tells me 1814.
So might be some disagreements there And Seems some consider National day = Independance day. )

Our constitution is the 3 oldest in the world (after USA and maybe Poland, seeing some different info on that too).

4 ) What is the Norwegian 17.May Celebration known for?

A ) Children's parade

5. After our independence, Who Became King of Norway?

C ) A Danish Prince

D ) A descent Of the old Norwegian King.
Might also be correct.

Norwegian National day is known for its Children's Parade.
We do not have a Military parade like many countries do, although there are some things like firing of cannons as a Salute.

It is a day for the Children with some other events, and of Course lots of Ice Cream and Hot Dogs!

(Unfortunately not quite the same this year because of Corona )

When we gained independence, Norway wanted a king. The Danish Prince was chosen, The brother of the future king of Denmark.
He was very reluctant to become King, and wanted assurance that the Norwegian people wanted him as King.
So there was a referendum on it, and The Norwegian people elected him king.

So Norway(maybe the only in the World) actually have an Elected Royal family.
Prince Carl of Denmark took the name Haakon VII of Norway . He became king of Norway while his Grandfather was king of Denmark,
thereby becoming King of Norway before his brother, and even his father had become King of Denmark.

And he might actually be a descent of the old Norwegian kings, as would the Danish Royal family be.
If you can keep track of these family lines:


Hope you enjoyed this.


Been a memorable day. As the normal celebration couldn't take place, there has been a lot of other things happening.

Where i live, a group of people had their own little parade in the street. There was an extra Cannon Salute, before "all" of Norway sang the national anthem. And there was a boat parade, and even a Car parade of Minis.

And the royal family was still out on the balcony for it and as the normal parade couldn't take place, The king took a drive through Oslo instead and visited the hospital, in their iconic royal Cars. (This had mostly kept secret so there wouldn't be too many people in the streets.)