Quiz For Norways National day 17 may! (Food Prizes)

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17. May is Norway's National Day. I am doing an article then and I was thinking of doing some small facts about it, but then i though maybe a quiz. As i want that article to have answers and not questions, will do a little quiz now, with the answer being in my 17. May article.

Disclaimer: Doing these mostly from my own knowledge, so i could be wrong. xD

Put your answer in the Comments. There will be Food prizes, How exactly it will be rewarded is to be Determined. (At least 50k q3 will be rewarded total)

Quiz About Norway's National day/ish:

1. What does our National day celebrate?

A ) Independence day
B ) Liberation Day (From Nazi Germany)
C ) Constitution Day
D ) Birthday of King Haakon VII

2. Which Year did Norway gain Independence?

A ) 1814
B ) 1905
C ) 1523
D ) 1972

3) Which Year was Norway's Constitution signed?

A ) 1947
B ) 1905
C ) 1990
D ) 1814

4 ) What is the Norwegian 17.May Celebration known for?

A ) Children's parade
B ) Military Parade
C ) Eurovision Song Contest
D ) Blonde Women's Day

5. After our independence, Who Became King of Norway?

A ) The Leader of the Independence Fighters
B ) The Prime Minister
C ) A Danish Prince
D ) A descent Of the old Norwegian King.

Come back for my next Article for the answers, and more Food Giveaway.