CODE Decoding

Day 4,553, 13:40 Published in Canada Netherlands by Eduard Douwes Dekker

Hello my little robots, friends and rivals.

The art of decoding has finally reached its peak, right here in eCanada.

After a long time of struggling under occupation Canada is finally free.

Allied forces of Lithuania, Serbia, Romania and Iran supported by Orion, Asteria, Hydra and soldiers of all friendly countries had a big comeback on North American soil.

It's been a lot of downs and a few ups in the last period but we are CODE free. Big party hosted by Canada was a success. Now let's how will eUSA party end because that party is not over yet. Looks like people like moonshine more then our maple syrup but we are fine with that. More syrup for us.

We did not get an invitation for our neighbour party but that is o.k. We could crash in later uninvited because at the end no one invited CODE to our party after all. They are just next door and it is in our best interest to have a good relationship with them. I hope a few moonshines can solve all problems between us, if there are any. eUSA is a good folks it is just in a bad company.

Big thanks to eCanadian CP TheCanadianPunk, Government and Congress and all our soldiers who fought for this. We did it people!

Take a look at and artice made by Canadian Civil Defence and our own American Thedillpickl

Thank you eLithuania, eSerbia, eRomania and eIran for making this happen.
Thank you Orion!
Thank you Asteria!
Thank you Hydra!
Thank you friends!

Your robot,
Chopp dks